Can't Travel Without Makeup? Follow These Hacks To Make Packing A Breeze


For most of us, packing is stressful. Especially when it comes to makeup. With minimal baggage allowance as well as airline security liquid restrictions, it can be hard to know what makeup to pack. What are the essentials, what can we live without? If you find it hard condensing your makeup into a must-have travel makeup kit, then follow our top tips for downsizing your cosmetic purse and make traveling as minimally as glamorous as possible.

Match eyeshadows with your outfits
Instead of bringing a multitude of eyeshadow colours, focus on the clothes you are travelling with. Try and find two to four colours that go with all of your outfits. Remember you can blend shades too and get the colour and tone that you are looking for. Cosmopolitan Winner- Manish Malhotra eyeshadow eye highlighter palettes come in the trendiest of colours that can give you catwalk-worthy looks in a jiffy.

Carry multitaskers 
One of the best makeup travel tricks is to use multifunctional products to save space. Our 5 in 1 Total Makeover FF foundation cream is the perfect base makeup for travel as it fuses primer, foundation, and concealer in one simple step. With the chance to build-up the coverage that you need,  you can conceal, cover and highlight your skin in one quick step. Five products in one palette make it space-saving and ideal for saving time on your travels too.

See how to use the Total makeover FF Cream for a flawless face

Bring one mascara and make it waterproof
It is likely that your travels will be busy, fun-filled and may be humid. With this in mind, you need a mascara that stays put. Take just one mascara with you and make sure it is waterproof, so it remains smudge-free whatever you are doing. MyGlamm Threesome Mascara comes with tubing technology that not only makes the lashes voluminous but also makes the product easy to remove later.

Go bare (almost)
If your luggage space is really restricted, then just take the essentials, A glamourous shimmer powder can give your skin a glow without the need for prepping. Just highlight and go. The Glow to Glamour powder duo is ideal for enhancing your natural luminosity without you needing to bring a whole makeup bag of supplies with you. What’s more, it has a fixing powder to keep your look in place for longer.

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Fake flawless skin
Primer is usually applied under the base. The job of a face primer is to fill in the pores and fine lines, creating a smooth-looking skin. If you pick a tinted primer like the Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser, you can use it all by itself on days you are in no mood for heavy makeup. It fills in the pores and gives you a little coverage. Wear it over your moisturizer and flaunt flawless, matte skin all day long. 

See how to use the Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser


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