Makeup Tips To Look Like A Million Bucks In Summer


We all know that summers and makeup meltdowns go hand-in-hand. This summer, wear the latest makeup trends without worrying about meltdown and blunders. We share some makeup tips that will help your makeup to stay put all through the sweltering weather.

Bright eyeshadow
Summers are time to have fun with colours. Ditch the darker browns and blacks for bright shades for a pop of colour on your eyes. The trending colours for this seaosn is pink, blue, purple, tagering, green, aqua and other brights (the brighter, the better).

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Eyelash curler
Runny mascara is common in summers. Either you wear waterproof mascara orsimply avoid them and go for eyelash curlers. Curled lashes make your eyes look bigger, and there is no chance of a mess.

Dewy skin
Dewy skin looks gorgeous in summers. To achieve a dewy look on your face, all you need to do is mix your highlighter with face foundation, and voila! Highlight your cheekbones and collarbones with this easy-to-make mixture.

Glossy lids
Glossy lids are refreshing new eye trend for summers. Dab on a gloss of your choice on the centre of your eyelids. Add some shimmer or shimmery eyeshadow for night look or simply line with black liner for an edgier look.

Tinted moisturiser
In summers, apply a lightweight primer followed by a lightweight foundation. Wearing a tinted moisturizer will feel light on your skin. You can combine a small amount of liquid foundation with a small amount of moisturizer. It will provide you with a lighter coat giving you dewy skin.

Lip stain or gloss
Replace matte lipsticks for lip stains. Lip stains will make your lips shine as you step out in the sun. It’s best to stay away from clear gloss as they can increase the chances of lip burn
Follow the above makeup tips to have your makeup on-fleek throughout the season.

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