Makeup Tips Right From Makeup Maven Namrata Soni


Namrata Soni's name has become synonymous with trending makeup. Sonam Kapoor's go-to makeup artist gave the MyGlamm team a few makeup tips that we're now giving out to you- you know, because handing down pro-makeup tips is right up there in the sister code. 

How do you stop foundation from coming off?
Don’t touch it!!

What’s the best way to transition from a day look to a night look?
To always carry the MyGlamm Jet Set Kajal-eyeliner. You can create a simple kohl liner inside the eyes to a beautiful smokey eye with just that one pencil and you’re ready to go and if you’re a lip person just change your lipstick to a beautiful red, pink or orange and you will instantly get glammed up for the night.

Beauty mantra that your grand mom gave you?
This beautiful surma that’s made out of camphor- you collect whatever the residue is and you crush it and put it into a bottle. It’s got a very cooling effect on the eyes which I love about it.

Who has inspire you the most in your career?
It would have to be Sonam Kapoor. She’s always allowed me to push my boundaries as a makeup artist and allowed me to try different looks on her which has made me the artist I am today.

Who would you want to work with next?
I’d love to work on Meryl Streep. She’s stunning!

What’s the last picture you took on your phone?
In the morning, when I went to see you bad my skin was looking, that’s the last selfie I took!

One person you’d love to swap your life with?
My sister. She’ s got these two incredible kids and she’s an amazing mom and I’d want her life.

What’s your current favourite song?
Justin Beiber’s Despacito has got a groovy sound to it.

Tell us one thing your fand don’t know about you
I don’t wear any makeup when I’m not working or working!

Any message for your fans?
Embrace it, work it, and know who you are deep down because makeup can just enhance your beauty and when you know who you are you know exactly what you can do for your makeup.



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