Makeup Tips For Women With Glasses

Eye Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

With so many cute and stylish pair of glasses up for grabs, it is difficult to not give in to the temptation of buying a few pairs for yourself. Even if you do not need to wear glasses, there’s no harm in letting out your inner (sexy) geek once in a while. No doubt, glasses look chic and even make girls look pretty. Find the right frame and the right makeup to go with it, and voila, you are all set to turn up the heat.

When it comes to glasses, people often wonder about the right makeup that can complement their look. One of the most common concern is that after wearing the glasses the makeup isn’t quite visible as half of the face is covered.  Then there is also the problem of sweat and melting makeup.

Such minor problems mustn’t stop you from donning your fav pair of glasses. Here are some handy makeup tips that will makeup your makeup shine even through the glasses and also help it stay on for longer.

Blot away excess foundation
After completing your base makeup, just press a thin and soft tissue on your face to remove extra foundation so that it doesn’t stain the frame. Concentrate on the areas where your glasses rest like the bridge of the nose, under the eyes and cheeks. Dust some translucent setting powder; this will keep glasses from sticking to your face.

Brighten the under-eye area
If you think the specs will hide the dark circles, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, the shadow from the glasses can make your dark circles prominent. To brighten the under-eye area, apply some concealer or yellow corrector/highlighter under the eyes in V-shape before patting with powder. This will hide the blemihes and brighten the dark area.

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Light vs dark eyeshadows
Picking the right eyeshadow colours can make a lot ofdifferencet to your over all look. Always remember, lighter and neutral tones on the eyelid make your eyes look bigger while darker tones make them look smaller. Dark colours can even magnify the area around your eyes, exaggerating the blemishes and causing them to look tired.
Add a hint of bright
Shimmer is a great way to add brightness to the eyes instantly. Go for shimmer eye makeup or add a touch of shimmer to the corners of the eyes and the brow bone for brightening up the eyes.
Groom your brows
Whether or not your glasses hide the brows, it's important to keep your brows in shipshape as they help frame your face and also enhance the eye makeup. Fill in the gaps with brow powder or pencil to make them look fuller and darker. Brush your brows and set with a brow gel for a polished look.
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Curl up the lashes
If you avoid wearing mascara as your lashes keep bumping against the glass, staining it, here’s the easiest solution. Just curl up the lashes before applying mascara and voila, your gasses are safe from the mascara stains. Also, apply the mascara on the roots rather than on the tips. Keep the tips of your lashes light to avoid hitting the glass.

Match bold frames with bold lips
A great way to make a statement is to colour coordinate the frame of your glasses with your lipstick. Hot pink, red, purple or even blue (if you dare), whatever the colour of your frame, pair it with an equally bold lip. You may or may not choose to go for bold eye makeup, the bold lip will stand out anyway tastefully complementing with your stylish frame.

Watch our detailed video on how to do an easy makeup look for girls with glasses.




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