Keep The Shine Away With These Makeup Tips And Tricks For Oily Skin


Oily skin is all fun and games, until you're left with an oil spill for a complexion. The issue with having oily skin is that if you do not use the right products at the right time, you look shinier than a disco ball without even trying. Makeup for oily skin needs to be done right –– a little extra dew or too much shimmer can make you go from sleek to slick in minutes. From what foundation you use, to how you choose to blot your skin, to even the kind of bronzer you apply, everything makes a huge difference. And too much oil means your makeup will crease, cake, and fall apart without you even realising it. Scroll down to see the various makeup tips for oily skin and how you can make sure your face doesn’t turn into the bottom of a pizza pan in an instant. 


Makeup Tips For Oily Skin


The issue with having oily skin is that your makeup tends to melt quicker than it would otherwise. This decreases the wear time, and leaves you with a mess for a base. Follow these makeup tips for oily skin, if you want to keep that spill at bay and increase the longevity of your makeup.


Always Moisturise


Skipping a moisturiser when you’ve got oily skin is an absolute no no! When your skin is oily and you don’t moisturise, it tries to replenish lost oils. During this process, your oil glands go a little crazy and produce way too much which shows up even through the most mattifying makeup products. Look for nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid in your moisturiser, so that it leaves your skin looking plump and glowing –– and not shiny like it’s ready to hit the 80s dancefloor.


Make Time For Prime(ing)


Always remember to use a primer before applying any product, including your lipsticks. A primer doesn’t just set a seamless canvas for your foundation to go on, but it also mattifies oily skin and keeps the shine at bay. 


Exfoliate Away


The smoother your skin is the better your foundation will apply and look, therefore always exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This’ll help remove all the dead skin cells and create a smooth and seamless surface for your foundation. It’ll also help control your skin’s oil production.


Go In With Lighter Layers


When you’re applying your concealer or foundation, keep it light and layer very little product. Do not cake it up, or else it’ll end up looking unnatural. Use a sponge to dab and blend the product into your skin. The same goes for your blush too. 


A Matte Finish Is Your BFF


Love your matte lip makeup products? Then you’re going to love to follow this rule. When it comes to picking face makeup products, matte is also your best friend. Go for formulas that are oil-free and are designed to keep the shine away. 


Powder Over Creams


When it doubt, powder it out! Whether it’s your highlighter or blush, go for powder formulas instead of cream. Creams and liquids often tend to turn on oily skin fast. Powder helps dab the oily away!


Apply A Setting Powder


Translucent setting powders are made for blotting. They not only take away any excess shine or oil, but also help with setting your foundation and keeps it matte all the way through. You can also opt for a banana powder that’ll tone down any shine as well. 


Eye Base Is A Must


Going for a smokey eye? An eye base will help keep your eye makeup products in place. Although it isn’t one of the oiliest areas of your face, it does tend to get a little shiny. And shiny lids entail creased-up, messy eyeshadow.


Setting Spray FTW


Finish your makeup routine with a compact powder and a mattifying setting spray that’ll keep your makeup in place. It’s great for touch-ups and blotting, in case you start oiling up during the day. Wearing a setting increases the wear-time of your makeup and locks in all the makeup on your face. You can even go in with a fixing powder, if you’re on the go and need a quick pick me up. 


Best Makeup Products For Oily Skin


The formula is simple –– the right makeup products on the right skin type, equals flawless skin. When you’ve got oily skin, you have got to opt for formulas that are designed to tackle your complexion. Scroll down to see the best makeup products for oily skin. 


MyGlamm Tinted Perfection Face Primer

This tinted face primer has a balmy formula that reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin texture and removes excess oil. It prolongs the wear of your makeup and leaves your skin with a matte finish.


Rs 1,095


Buy here


MyGlamm Pose HD Setting Powder


Oil, be gone! This translucent setting powder gives your skin a natural, shine-free finish and leaves your face with a soft focus effect that blurs all imperfections. It has a sheer coverage and the formula hydrates your skin. The setting powder also keeps your makeup in place and prolongs its longevity.


Rs 699


Buy here


POSE HD Foundation Stick


A stick foundation that gives you matte skin, even if you’re on the go! With a medium to high coverage, the foundation goes on super smoothly and feels so lightweight on your skin. It has nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. You can even use it as a concealer, highlighter, or contour stick too!


Rs 599


Buy here


K.Play Flavoured Blush


A little blush goes a long way. This matte finish blush is intensely pigmented and blends to perfection. It leaves your skin with a pretty flush, while blurring imperfections, leaving you with a healthy flawless finish.


Rs 645


Buy here


Face Kit - InstaGlamm


This full-face makeup kit meets all your base needs! It includes a translucent powder, a highlighter, and two hues of blush. The blush shades also double-up as eyeshadows. The kit can be used to matte your makeup, sculpt your cheekbones, and add a definition and glow to your face. The colours are highly pigmented and are enriched with vitamin E, making it comfortable and nourishing for your skin.


Rs 399


Buy link


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It isn’t easy dealing with oily skin, however, a little bit of extra care and a whole lot of mattefying products will help you get that flawless complexion. Make sure you have the right products in your makeup kit. Follow these tips, tricks, and makeup products for oily skin so that you can have a fresh face, all day long.

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