Makeup For Face Masks: Let Your Eyes Do The Talking


Let's face it, wearing a face mask is the new normal and will continue to be for God knows how long. But that doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your makeup for good. Yes, you can avoid wearing heavy foundation and concealer while wearing a face mask as it could lead to skin woes (hello, maskne!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply makeup on parts of your face that aren’t covered. It's time for your eyes to do all the talking!

There are plenty of eye makeup trends that are taking the world by storm, with many MUAs showing us how to look fab even with a face mask on. And if you’re itching to use your makeup brushes to create art on your face, then it's time to go all out with your eye makeup and let your creativity shine. Need inspiration? We’ve always got your back!

From Euphoria eye makeup looks that led to new makeup trends, to makeup inspired by our very own MUAs to eye makeup looks that are everywhere on Instagram, we’ve listed down 10 unique looks ranging from subtle to full-on glam that will make you stand out in a sea full of mask covered faces.

P.S: Save your go-to, classic winged eyeliner for a time when we don’t need to wear face masks.

Bold & Beautiful

If you’re in a hurry, here’s an eye makeup hack that you’ll love. A sweep of bold eyeliner of bright shades such as pink or blue, along with few coats of mascara on your lashes can instantly brighten up the eyes. Best of all, this eye makeup look will barely take 5 minutes to do but will give the impression that you actually put a lot of effort into this look. This eye makeup look is perfect to pair with your face mask and even for those impromptu Zoom calls.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/115756652900837761/

Gloss It Up

Not into experimenting with bold makeup but still want your eyes to be the focus of attention? Not a problem we cannot solve! A bit of gloss on your lids will do just the trick. Glossy lids are so hot RN and it will also make your eyes reflect the light without you having to put in too much effort. To gloss it up, you first need to add a subtle winged liner, then cover your lids with a sparkly coloured eye gloss. Once you're done, coat your lashes with mascara and voila! Glossy lids are ready to make a statement.

Duo Wings

Why create just one wing with a black eyeliner when you can create two? It's time to take your wing eyeliner game to the next level and we know just how.

The LIT Stick-On Wing Liner by MyGlamm is all you need to get your winged eyeliner game on fleek. Our stick-on wing liner stickers are ink-free, easy to use, and come in shimmery duo shades. Just stick it over your boring black eyeliner for an instant upgrade.

Bring Out The Jewels

If you really want to go all out with your eye makeup, a whole lot of shimmer and a few eye jewels will make you stand out from the crowd. This Euphoria-inspired eye makeup look is stunning and super easy to recreate too. Trust us, no one will notice your face mask with this eye makeup look.

To get the look, first, apply a burgundy shade on your crease and bring it down to your lower lash line as well. Next, apply a matte coral shade and blend it well. Once you’re done, cover your eyelids with silver shimmery eyeshadow. To add definition to your eyes use a burgundy shade to create a winged liner. Finally, jazz up your look by adding a few embellishments or stick-ons below your eyebrow, under the wing and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Flip The Switch

We’ve all seen this famous challenge on #TikTok by now and it’s time to incorporate this trend to your eye makeup too. Instead of adding sparkle to your upper lash line, flip the switch and add it to your lower lash line and on the inner corners of your eyes. To complete this look, you can go ahead and swipe a similar hue across your upper lash line to achieve this jaw-dropping look.

Link: @violette_fr

Inner Corner Power

The inner corner eyeshadow trend became popular during the beginning of quarantine began and frankly, it’s still going strong. Now it’s the perfect time to flaunt this eye makeup look IRL rather than just on those video calls for a quick update.

All you need to do is use bold, bright colours on the inner corner of the eyes and coat your lashes with mascara. This will add a stunning pop of colour to your eyes, giving you an instant glow up.

Link: @lisaeldridgemakeup

Back To The Future

We can’t get enough of Ariana Grande’s eye makeup in her "Rain On Me" music video with Lady GaGa. The bold white graphic eyeliner is all people can talk about ever since the mesmerizing video dropped.

To recreate this look, you need to draw a cat-eye starting from the crease and take it all the way down to the waterline. Complete this out-of-this-world look by pairing it with a black winged liner starting from your upper lash line and extend it down to the waterline. The great thing about this makeup look is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be white. You can create this trend with any shade, and it will look equally bomb.

Neon Smokey Eyes

Want to really wow people with your smokey eye makeup look? Then ditch your regular black smokey eye and opt for neon shades.

Before starting, make sure to apply a base (a white eyeshadow is just as fine) so that your eyeshadow colour really pops out. Opt for yellow and orange shadows if you really want to steal the show. The brighter, the better! A dab of glitter and a whole lot of mascara is just the finishing touch you need to complete this glamorous look. 

Unicorn Inspired

We all need a little bit of magic right now. This unicorn-inspired eye makeup look can brighten up even the borest of makeup looks! All you need are blue and purple shimmery shadows and blend it to perfection.

Blue Cat-Eye

The classic cat-eye makeup look will never go out of style, but why not spruce up things? Since we’re going to be wearing face masks for an indefinite amount of time, you’re going to need a look that’s bold, unique and adds that extra dose of drama.

Revamp your cat eye by applying a thick layer of blue eyeliner and wing it out, then add a bit of glitter on the corners of your eyes and you're left with hypnotizing eyes that can grab anyone's attention.

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