Makeup for college for teens

College days are super fun and every girl wants to look their best when she goes to college. Achieve the perfect makeup look for college using MyGlamm multifunctional products. Learn how to apply and use makeup to create different everyday looks for college.

Here’s how to create this look

Step 1:
Apply yellow corrector from the Total Makeover FF Cream palette on the eyelids using an eyeshadow brush.

Step 2:
Add a layer of pink blush from the Chisel It Game Face palette, followed by peach blush from the Chisel It Show Stopper palette. Dab highlighter on the lids from the All Eye Need Velevette palette.

Step 3:
Fill in the brows using the Stay Defined HD brow powder. Draw a clean eyeliner using Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner. Coat your lashes generously with Threesome Mascara.

Step 4:
Contour the cheeks using bronzer from the Chisel It Game Face palette. Add blush on the cheeks from the same palette. Use highlighter on the higher points of the face like the tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead.

Step 5:
Add a dash of highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone.

Step 6: 
Apply a nude matte lipstick like the Perfect Curves in Biscotti.


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