Makeup and outfit combinations we love

A common question we’re asked by women is how to pair makeup and clothes’ colours. Sure, it’s easy to match if you pick a monochrome colour scheme, but what if you want to use contrasting shades?

MyGlamm’s artist recommends some makeup-outfit combinations to try-

Black with red lips- This pair is a classic you can never go wrong with. Red lips add just the right amount of colour to an all black ensemble.


Pastel pink and blue with burgundy lips- Deep burgundy or wine-coloured lips give a bold effect to an otherwise subdued outfit.


White clothes with blue eye makeup- The perfect way to experiment with coloured eye makeup without going overboard.

 width=blue eyeliner

Nautical stripes with pop lipstick- This makes for a stylish, summery ensemble as long as you keep your eye makeup subdued.


Pastel pink clothes with champagne eye shadow- Champagne eye shadow gives subtle pastel pink just the right amount of metallic shimmer.


Jewel toned outfits in blue and green with nude makeup- Light, muted makeup will keep the focus on the rich colour of your clothes.


The key is to play up only feature of your face- either your lips or your eyes, especially when you are pairing colours that contrast. There are no rules to doing your makeup except the ones that need to be broken!

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