Listen Up Men- Here’s What Your Beard Says About Your Personality!

If you are someone who adores your beard, then you ought to know what kind of a person you come across as, given the shape of your beard. We’ve got it all covered for you:

1. Full Beard: Most men usually prefer a full beard. A full beard makes you look older than your age. Which is why, all those who wish to come across as matured, confident and scholarly, prefer a full bearded look. Some men also pick this beard style owing to how low maintenance it is.




2. Goatee: Those men who still prefer a goatee come across as the ones ‘stuck in the past’. This style was a lot in trend once upon a time. Remember how after ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ released, every guy wanted a beard style like that of Aamir Khan in the film? Another celebrity who loves sporting a goatee is Brad Pitt. Knowing that a goatee is famous amongst celebrities as well, how can this beard style ever go out of trend?



3. Scruff: Making a scruff look effortless is not easy. However, those men who can manage to pull it off with great aplomb are sure to make jaws drop. They are the ones who have the ability to cover up the toughest of situations as it is not them but their beard that does all the talking. A laid back and play-it cool attitude is what best describes them. A look that is dripping with boy-ish charm is what gets men with a scruff all the attention.



4. Sideburns: Not many can pull off sideburns. It is indeed a daring choice. If you spot men with sideburns, then they are definitely the experimental sorts. They don’t shy away from taking risks in life and making bold statements. Men with heavy sideburns are very critical in nature.



5. Chinstrap: Men with a chinstrap shaped beard have a very laid-back yet irresistible personality. This look is most suitable on young men and those with very sharp features. A man with a chinstrap comes across as the cool and charming kinds. Well, they can instantly light up a room with their appealing personality.



6. Hobo Beard: A hobo beard is a scruff gone out of control. Men with this style of beard come across as the wild ones. If you have a hobo beard, then you’re probably someone living life on the edge. Such people are also very creative in nature.



No matter what beard style you choose, be sure to keep it trimmed and healthy always. And if you think you can’t manage it all by yourself, then #MyGlamm will come to your rescue!


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