ombré Lips

If you have heard about ombré hair. Now you can do ombré lips too. Yes, as much as we love out lipsticks, wearing just one colour can be boring. Get playful with your lipstick and add more colours to your pout with ombré lips. Ombré means having two different colors that are monochromatic. Ombré lips involves using two different lipstick shades and fusing them together to create a shaded or gradient tone. 

The classic ombré lip look calls for using darker shade on the edge of the lips which fades into lighter colour towards the center. But there are no actually set rules. You can reverse the shades according to your whim and even let your creativity run wild when choosing colours to create a shaded/gradient look.

You can go for vertical or horizontal gradient, combine different textures and formulas(matte, creamy or gloss) and even add glitter, crystals etc. Anything to make the lips look interesting.

The trend is so popular that many brands have come with ombré lipsticks. If you cannot find ombré lipstick, you can use different colour form your lipstick stash to create your own suave ombré lips look. 

Here’s how to create this chic ombre lips look with using ombre lipstick:

Step 1:

Using a lip brush, coat your lips with a bright shade of lipstick like Perfect Curves Ampere.

Step 2:

Add a layer of Perfect Curves lipstick in Cosmopolitan.

Step 3:

Swipe on Colour Fusion lip gloss in Love Brew on the centre on the lips. Use foundation to correct the imperfect edges.

Step 4:

Top your pout with a dap of highlighter in the centre.


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