In-Flight Beauty Essentials For A Flawless Travel Look


Long flights can be extremely draining. However hard we try, we usually end up looking and feeling not-so-perky. Improper posture, sleeplessness, jet lag and dehydration contribute to the haggardly look, making the dark circles and under eye bags prominent. Dehydration can suck the life out of your skin making it look sallow and dull. But fret not, there is nothing that cannot be fixed by makeup.

For a flawless travel look, the following beauty essentials are a must for every girl who keeps her beauty regime on priority:

Flying with heavy makeup on is a bad idea. But you can’t fly with a bare face either, can you? In this case, what you can do is replace your base with a tinted moisturiser or tinted primer. A tinted moisturiser does the job of keeping the skin moisturised while giving it a light coverage. Primer like Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser, smoothens the skin while blurring blemishes and imperfection giving that perfect matte look you need during flight hours. It also keeps the skin hydrated and is easy to re-apply as you’re landing.

Face mist
For that fresh, dewy look, face mist or a spray bottle of rose water comes in handy. Spray some on your face just before you land, and let it dry naturally. It will make you look instantly fresh and rejuvenated even after a long journey .To not make your eyes look tired and puffy, dot eye cream around your eyes to prevent lines setting during the flight. Most of the times, dehydration and lack of sleep can dull your look. But to keep that spark on, ensure that the area around your eyes is being taken care of. Kepp it happily moisturised while you sleep away those boring hours.

Brow powder
If your eyebrow game is always on point, then you must carry eyebrow groomer while travelling. The Stay Defined HD Brow Powder comes in powder form, is very easy to use, and helps a lot in upping your beauty quotient. Well-groomed eyebrows give the required sharpness to your face, and take attention away from tired eyes, especially after a long and exhausting flight.
Here's an easy way to groom your brows while on the go

Flush with blush
Minutes before you reach your destination, just dab on some blusher on your cheeks to stimulate the natural glow. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the blush because heavy blush makeup can make you look like you’re just off the ramp and not the flight. A small amount of blush application will give your cheeks the essential flush making you look healthy and re-energized.

Dry shampoo
Your hair is bound to feel greasy or flat after a long flight. Use a volumising dry shampoo to have a good hair day post your journey. Run your fingers through the hair to distribute the product to reveal voluminous hair. Do not spray too much of dry shampoo and wait for a few minutes before brushing your hair.

Lip balm
You must carry a good and moisturising lip balm as you head for a long flight. Your lips tend to dry very easily on flights because of being cooped up in drying, air-conditioned space. Wear a tinted lip balm like the LIT pH Lip Balm or a sheer one underneath your lipstick, to ensure that you maintain a youthful, supple pout, even on your flight.

Pout paint
If you want to avoid the drying matte lippy we will totally understand. In that case, either stick to a lip gloss or choose a non-drying matte lipstick like the LIT Satin Matte Lipstick. It's best to use a lip gloss that is enriched with lip-loving oils and ingredients and keeps the lips hydrated even after all day of wearing.



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