How To Work From Home: MyGlamm Edition


It an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, almost all companies have begun their work from home policies until Covid19 is under control. If you are used to working only in an office and have no clue how to deal with this new WFH status, then you’re in luck! We here at MyGlamm will show you how it’s done and make sure you’re successful in completing your work. #workmodeon. While some are effortlessly handling their work and managing their kids, others are ensuring that they stay healthy while quarantined.

The Ideal Work Environment

Working with animals is always a great stress buster but unfortunately, the pets are confused as to why their humans are suddenly at home the whole day.

Getting That Vitamin D

Home quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t get some sunlight. If you have a balcony or a backyard, then you too can get some much-needed Vitamin D just like our employees.

Kids & Work 

Schools are closed so kids are quarantined at home as well, till Covid19 is under control. So, for some of you, that means working from home with kids.  The MyGlamm’s parents are nailing it by completing their work while keeping the kids entertained.

Video Calls

If you thought there wouldn’t be important meetings, well, think again. Thanks to video calling apps, meetings are still taking place here at MyGlamm. On the bright side, you only need to ensure that you're decent from the waist up.

Eating Healthy

And finally, work from home also means a lot of snack breaks. Our employees are making sure they eat healthy during self-isolation. 

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