How To Use: Total Makeover FF Cream

The Total Makeover FF Cream contains an all-in-one foundation with a long-lasting formula that fuses primer and foundation in one easy step. Also in the palette are two colour correctors, yellow and orange, to smooth away small imperfections, uneven skin tone, discolorations and dark circles. The advanced European formula allows the product to melt into your skin while highlighting and correcting the complexion all at the same time. Learn how to use this amazing combination product to create a flawless base.

Step 1 – After cleansing and moisturising the face, dab the orange corrector on the darker areas of the face like dark circles and spots.

Step 2 – Use the yellow corrector to cover any redness on the skin and on the areas you want to brighten up.

Step 3 – Use a foundation brush to apply the foundation cum concealer cum compact in dabbing motions onto the skin starting at the centre of the face and blending it out. Start where more coverage is needed working towards the edge of the face.

Step 4 – Gently blend in using a beauty blender in dabbing motions across the face.

Step 5 – Set the base with a translucent fixing powder.


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