How to use the Twin Faced Concealer Dual Edged Conceal & Cover

The Twin Faced Concealer is a true multitasker. It covers up your pimples, pores, blemishes to give you the illusion of flawless looking skin. Plus, it comes in a stick/pencil form that makes it super-easy to use and handy to carry. So, what makes this concealer so special? The Twin Faced Concealer stick comes with a pointed tip and a slanted edge. The former is used for spot and precise correction while the later is used for a wider area coverage. The creamy formula makes the concealer quite easy to blend into the skin, giving the type of coverage that is totally natural-looking. The concealer is buildable and can give from sheer to high coverage and lasts all through the day without smudging.

Our makeup expert Jason Arland schools you on how to use and get the most out of MyGlamm's all-new concealer sticks.

Watch and learn:

Step 1: Cleanse the face thoroughly before prepping the base. The concealer can be used all by itself or after the foundation.

Start by priming the face with Tinted Perfection Base Primer. next, apply foundation from the Total Makeover FF Cream palette on the face and neck. Blend using the beauty blender.

Step 2: Use the pointed edge of the Twin Faced Concealer Dual Edged Conceal & Cover for spot correction. Just swipe it over the acne or pimple marks and blemishes, gently. It is perfect for getting a sharp eyebrow shape. Use it to carve the brows for that Insta-worthy perfection.

Step 3: Blending is important so using a beauty blender, blend the concealer into the skin.

Step 4: Use a few shades lighter concealer to brighten up the darker/shadowed areas of the skin, like the forehead, under the eyes, bridge of the nose. When blended seamlessly, it gives the skin a brightened appearance.

Step 5: The slanted side of the concealer gives a wider coverage. Swipe it to cover the dark circles, which requires more skin area to be covered.





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