How To Use Face Wash – Everything You Need To Know About Cleansing Your Skin Effectively

How To Use Face Wash

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The first and the most important step in everyone’s skincare routine is to cleanse! A face wash is the ultimate skincare product you need to instantly remove all the dirt and impurities that settle into your pores during the day. If you don’t cleanse properly, the rest of your skincare routine –– be it application of serums or moisturisers –– will all prove to be counterintuitive to your final goal. An imperative part of your journey to glowing skin, how to use facewash might seem like an unnecessary query, but if you’re not doing it right, you might as well not be using one to cleanse your skin. Scroll down to see how you can use your face wash in the most efficient way possible. 


How To Use A Face Wash


Ready, set, go! While how to use face wash is quite self-explanatory, getting it wrong will cause more harm than good. Here’s a little guide to help you carry out this skincare step accurately.


Step 1 - Know When To Wash


It’s important to know when to wash your face with a face wash. Remember, the reason why you’re doing so is that you want to remove the impurities that have settled into your pores. You don’t want to overwash and strip your skin of its natural oils. Make sure to use a face wash in the morning and in the night, as part of your routine. If you feel icky midday, then use a face mist or just splash some water on your face to refresh it, instead of using a face wash again. 


Step 2 - Wash Your Hands


Begin by washing your hands with some soap and water. You wouldn’t want to rub dirty hands on your face, now would you? Before applying the cleanser or face wash, make sure your clean your hands with mild soap to remove any dirt, bacteria, and impurities that sit on the surface.


Step 3 - Splash Some Water


Wet your face by splashing some lukewarm water on it. Never ever wash your face with scalding hot water, as this will cause burns and irritate the skin. Make sure you wet your entire face before applying any cleanser. 


Step 4 - Squeeze Some Product


Take a coin-sized amount of face wash on your palm and add some water to it. Rub your hands together to lather it up. Make sure you get the quantity right as too little will not cleanse your skin properly, and too much will just be a waste of product. This quantity can change, depending on how strong or how much your face wash foams. If your face wash is very potent, a pea-sized amount should be fine. 


Step 5 - Massage It In


Once you’ve dispensed the face wash in your palms and it’s lathered up a little, massage it into your wet face in circular motions. Spend about 45-60 seconds on the different areas of your face –– cheeks, t-zone, forehead, and chin. Don’t forget to wash your neck too!


Step 6 - Wash Off


Rinse your face with some lukewarm water, once again to remove the face wash off of it. Make sure you’re gentle around the eyes –– be careful not to open them mid-wash, as this may irritate them.


Step 7 - Pat Dry


Always pat your skin dry, instead of rubbing it in with a towel. Use a microfibre cloth when doing so and gently pat it. You don’t need to leave it bone dry –– a little dampness allows for your serums and moisturisers to be absorbed into your skin a lot better.


Step 8 - Follow Up With A Serum And Moisturiser


Lock in the goodness of your face wash by following it up with moisturiser or serum (or both). This’ll ensure that any lost moisture is replaced instantly and will create a protective barrier that’ll fight against external damage.


Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Face Wash


Although using a face wash may seem clear-cut, sometimes there are a whole lot of mistakes that make its whole purpose non-effective. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind on how to use face wash


Remove Makeup


Your face wash is not an alternative to a makeup remover. Always make sure you double cleanse with a makeup remover properly, before applying a face wash. The face wash should be the second step in your routine, that’ll help remove traces of makeup and all other dirt and grime.


Go Beyond Your Chin


Always remember to also cleanse your face beyond your chin –– this means to include your neck in that too. We often tend to ignore this part, making it more susceptible to pollutants and free radical damage.


Don’t Overwash

As stressed above, you shouldn’t wash your face to the point you strip your skin of its natural oils and damage its protective barrier. Twice a day is enough to remove all dirt and grime –– anything beyond that will leave your skin dry and damaged.


Pick The Right One


Always pick a face wash or a face cleanser based on your skin type and conditions. Go for nourishing ingredients that heal, as well as create a protective barrier on your skin. If you’ve got dry skin, go for something that’s gentle and holds moisturising ingredients that’ll retain your skin’s oils. If you’ve got oily skin that’s blemish-prone, then go for ingredients that act anti-bacterial and balance oil production. If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for cleansers that are super gentle and are free of fragrances, parabens, and soaps –– basically, steer clear of anything that can irritate your skin and leave it inflamed. 


MyGlamm Recommends The Best Face Wash


How to use facewash effectively is key! However, what’s even more important is the kind of face wash you choose to cleanse your skin with. Scroll down to see the best face washes you can use to gently, yet effectively cleanse your face today.


MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Watermelon & Raspberry Face Wash



This hydrating and brightening facial cleanser contains watermelon and raspberry fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants. Formulated to gently, yet effectively cleanse and remove dirt, oil, and all kinds of impurities, it also moisturises and soothes the skin all thanks to the vitamin E properties. This face wash keeps the skin’s natural moisture intact and brightens the skin for a more even skin tone.


Rs 299


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MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Face Wash



Enriched with tea tree oil, this face wash is the ultimate killer of all the germs that sit on your face. Its light gel texture removes impurities and is non-comedogenic. Formulated with vitamin E beads, cucumber extract, and aloe vera extract, it helps nourish, moisturise, and calm the skin. The turmeric and sandalwood extract and tulsi oil acts as an anti-inflammatory that reduces irritation, pigmentation, and treats any fungal infections.


Rs 119


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MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Face Wash - Rose & Honey


This face wash nourishes and refreshes the skin with natural ingredients: rose and honey. It gently removes impurities, while leaving your face feeling moisturised from within. All thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, it is able to calm down irritated skin and soothe any sort of inflammation. Enriched with chlorhexidine, you’ll find that the formula instantly fights against any germs and protects the skin from dirt and pollution.


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How to use facewash is an important question to answer! Doing it right will help solve so many skincare issues you weren’t even aware of. So the next time you lift this skincare product to use, make sure you use it effectively for best results.


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