How To Update Your Mani


Stuck in a rut with your nails? Once we find a colour shade that we like, it is easy to stick with the same nail paint colour. However, there are many ways to give your manicure a much-needed update and give you the chance to flutter your fingers, without an expensive trip to the nail salon.

Add a top coat

A top coat nail polish provides instant depth for your nails. Using a top coat, you further the colour spectrum adding a layer that intensifies the colour and gives it another dimension. Try a metallic finish with a nude coat on top. Alternatively, glam up your nails with a glitter and confetti finish to give your nail paint shade a hint of sparkle.

Marvellous marble

Prepare your nails with a white or light grey base colour. Then use a nail pen or permanent marker to draw the vein lines of marble on top of the white base. Using a cotton bud with rubbing alcohol on it, dab over the edges so that they start to blur and smudge. Apply a layer of clear topcoat to keep the nails shiny and to stop the lines from dimming too much.

Feathery finish

Using two contrasting, yet complementing nail colours, the Two of Your Kind is perfect for this. Strat with a base coat on the nails. When the base coat is dry, dry the nail brush from the other colour on a paper towel. Use this almost-dry brush to sweep across your nails so that it leaves barely-there feathery strokes. Finish with a top coat and marvel at your easy yet professional-looking nail art.


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