A Guide On How To Remove Mehndi from Hands In The Fastest Ways Possible

How to Remove Mehendi from Hands

Whenever there is a festival or a wedding celebration, applying mehndi on your hands is one of the best ways to commemorate the occasion and style yourself. But knowing how to remove mehndi from hands is also important as once the event is over, you will want to have clear skin on your hands as the mehndi won’t match your daily wear attire. Mehndi looks amazing on traditional clothes, but as soon as you’ve celebrated and want to take it off, you should be equipped with the right tips to do so. Since mehndi is nothing like makeup but it is a semi permanent skin tint, you will need the right skincare steps to remove mehndi from your hands. Check out these essential tips on how to remove mehndi from hands fast.


How to Remove Mehendi From Hands Instantly

Applying mehendi is almost every woman’s favourite thing. But knowing how to remove it is also equally important. So as soon as you’ve celebrated your event and want to take off your mehendi from hands, you need the right tips & methods. Want to know the quickest ways on how to remove mehndi from hands at home? Check out this list of tips & methods. Hope these methods on how to remove mehndi from hands instantly help you!

1. Hand Cleanser

One of the most common tips on how to remove mehendi from hands instantly is to wash hands with a hand cleanser. Wash your hands regularly if you want to remove mehndi from your hands. Use a cleanser with sanitising ingredients to wash your hands. Such cleansers will help fade the pigment and eventually remove the mehndi.

Infused with natural feel-good ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tulsi extracts, Olive oil, etc. this cleansing foam gel by MyGlamm is lightweight and balances the pH level of the skin. From deeply nourishing dull skin, and healing the skin to naturally rejuvenating the skin and soothing the skin, this cleansing gel is for all skin types. Best part? It’s free from Parabens, Sulfates, mineral oils, SLS and many more harmful chemicals!

2. Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are formulated with germ-killing ingredients and usually contain alcohol as well. The alcohol might help remove mehndi from hands faster so rub hand sanitizer on your palms at intervals along with washing them to remove mehndi quicker.

The Manish Malhotra Antimicrobial sanitizing hand rub is a superb oud oil nourishing hand sanitizer that’s infused with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It calms, cleanses and heals the skin, removes impurities and is free from Parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, sulphates and other harmful toxins.

3. Exfoliating Face Scrub

A scrub will help exfoliate the skin and is one of the most effective and safe ways to remove mehndi from hands. You can opt for your favourite gritty face scrub from your skin care stash to get the job done. Wet your hands and massage the scrub for 2 to 3 minutes on the areas with mehndi. Rinse and repeat twice a day to see reduction in mehndi.


4. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps remove the most stubborn stains from anything it is applied on, even your skin. This popular kitchen ingredient has the ability to deep clean your skin and lather up just like a soap or detergent. You can wet your hands and scrub a teaspoon of baking soda on the mehndi to remove it quickly. Just make sure to moisturise your hands after using baking soda as it can be quite drying.


5. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is often used to remove tan as a skin lightening agent. It can be used to lighten and remove your mehndi as well. Simply extract the pulp from a tomato and slather it on your hands. Let the juice sit for a few minutes until it starts to dry up and tighten. Then wash your hands and massage in circular motions to get the tomato juice off and gently exfoliate your skin.


6. Sugar Scrub With Coconut Oil

Sugar is also a great skin exfoliator and coconut oil has skin brightening abilities. Combining the two ingredients together makes for a great skin scrub that will help remove mehndi from hands as well. Mix both ingredients together to form a thick and grainy paste. Wet your hands and then massage this paste all over focusing on the areas with mehndi. The sugar will dissolve as you massage. Rinse with warm water.


7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another natural skincare ingredient that has amazing skin lightening properties. If you want to remove mehndi from your hands quickly, use lemon juice on your hands and rinse it off after 15 minutes. You can also slice a lemon in half and dip the fleshy side in baking soda. Then scrub your hands with it and rinse with warm water.


8. Sanitizing Soap

Soaps that are meant to sanitize and kill all bacteria will help remove mehndi from hands. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid in the formula as it is super exfoliating and will get the job done. Wash your hands with the soap regularly and the mehndi will soon fade out and disappear.

If you’re looking for that perfect germ-killing soap that’ll not only kill germs but also moisturise your skin, this one’s for you. Powered with natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree oil, Rose, Honey, Lavender, Neem and Coconut extracts, this soap locks in moisture, softens the skin and leaves your skin rejuvenated. Best part? It’s quite gentle on the skin too!

9. Essential Oil Scrub

Essential oil scrubbing is one of the best tips on how to remove mehndi from hands. Making a DIY scrub with essential oils can help exfoliate your skin to remove mehndi and also nourish and moisturise it so that your skin stays safe and healthy. Mix 2 teaspoons of sugar with coconut oil to form a thick paste. Stir in a few drops of essential oils of your choice and then massage your hands with it. Rinse off with water and repeat once daily.


10. Hair Conditioner

It is said that hair conditioner can help remove mehndi from hands and it is a good beauty hack to try considering it will not be damaging on your skin. Slather on the hair conditioner and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water and notice the mehndi application lighten.



How can I remove Mehndi from my hands fast?

Washing your hands regularly and using hand sanitizer will help remove mehndi quickly. Even DIYs with baking soda will be effective but drying so use hand cream as well.

What is the fastest way to remove Mehndi from the skin?

Baking soda or tomato juice are the fastest options to remove mehndi from the skin. They are easily found in the kitchen and are inexpensive.

How do you remove henna from your hands in one day?

Religiously washing your hands and indulging in any of the above mentioned home remedies will help lighten mehndi in one day. It may not be possible to remove mehndi entirely in one day.

Now that you know about the fastest ways to remove mehndi from hands, try them out and watch how well they work. You can use one or a combination of the above mentioned methods to effectively remove the mehndi quickly.


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