How To Perfect Ariana Grande's Signature Cat Eye


You know you’ve made it when you are recognized by just your signature style. A long high ponytail, killer thick winged liner, lashes for days, bronzed chiselled face and overdrawn matte lipstick- it isn’t hard to distinguish who we’re talking about and we don't even need to mention her strong, gasp-inducing vocals. Ariana Grande went from a sweet, innocent Nickelodeon child star to a worldwide pop star and while her music and style keep evolving, one thing that’s remained consistent is her signature cat-eye and it is surprisingly so easy to achieve. In many interviews, Ariana Grande’s makeup artist shared details on how to create this signature look and guess what? You don’t need to be a pro in makeup to nail this look. Lucky for you, we’ve scoured through the internet and pieced together all the information you need to create Grande approved cat eyes. All you need is your an angled eyeliner brush and your trusty eyeliner.

Tips On How To Create The Perfect Cat Eye For Different Eye Shapes

Almond Eyes

Her makeup artist’s first rule when it comes to creating the perfect cat eye is to draw it according to your eye shape. For Ariana-like almond-shaped eyes, he recommends working on the flick first and then filling in the rest. Start drawing the flick upwards, just a few millimetres away from the edge of your eye, moving towards the end of your eyebrow. Drawing the flick up as opposed to droopy is key to getting the lifted effect.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/849139704729818399/

Deep Set & Hooded Eyes

Everyone can perfect a killer cat eye, you just need to follow the right technique suited for your eye shape. When it comes to hooded eyes, the eyelid can cover the eyeliner and change the shape. Most people with hooded eyes also have to deal with the liner getting on their crease. If this problem is all too real for you, a tip from Ariana's makeup artist is to look in the mirror and draw the flick while your eyes are open. This will help you determine where your natural crease is and if your eyelid covers the liner. You can also start off with a thin line and work from there.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/507288345527883086/

For Mature Eyes

The best thing about makeup is that it has no age limit. For mature eyes, opt for a brown eyeliner instead of black. Brown liners, as we all know, have the same effect but create a softer look. For this eye type, Ariana Grande's makeup artist stated that it's better to exaggerate the end. Draw a thick flick at the end to get a full lifting effect while keeping it really thin towards the inner corners of your eyes, close to the lash line.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/673428950509356038/

No matter your eye shape, to master a killer wing, you should use an angled eyeliner brush to extend the wing up. But if you truly want to copy 'The Thank You, Next' singer's entire eye makeup look, you cannot forget the falsies. Yes, false lashes are the finishing touch to complete Ariana's signature cat-eye. During an interview, Grande even revealed that she could be "completely naked but have lashes and be fine."

As for the rest of the makeup look- highlighter on your cheekbones, a bit of blush, bronzer, matte lipstick, and a few coats of mascara will do the trick. 

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