How To Moisturise Dry Hair Without Having To Compromise On Your Style

How To Moisturise Dry Hair

Dry hair isn’t the most ideal hair type to deal with. Actually, it’s the linchpin to many hair issues! Having dry hair increases the chances of split ends, broken hair, damaged hair, unmanageable hair, and so much more. See it literally causes a myriad of problems. Therefore keeping your mane constantly conditioned and moisturised is always key. But how to give moisture to dry hair?  It’s all about using the right hair care products and picking ones that will nourish your hair and leave them smooth, soft, and extremely manageable. Scroll down to see how to moisturise dry hair and how to maintain them well, so that it remains bouncy and gorgeous. 


Steps/Tips To Moisturise Dry Hair



Nobody wants to deal with dry hair –– it isn’t just annoying, it’s also an unhealthy condition for your hair to be in. Here are a few tips and tweaks on how to moisturise dry hair. The key is to be gentle and give your locks all the care and moisture required.


Skip Your Daily Shampoo



If you’re one to shampoo and wash your hair daily, especially if you’ve got dry and curly hair you might want to consider spacing it out a little. Let your scalp replenish its natural oils and keep your hair moisturised. If you feel a little weighed down by the grease, use a little dry shampoo to soak up whatever you can. This is one of the most common & important tips on how to moisturise dry hair!


Pick The Right Products



How to moisturise dry hair with haircare products? By picking the right ones! Make sure you pick a shampoo that is moisturising and hydrating for your dried locks. Avoid formulas that contain chemicals like parabens and sulphates. These chemicals irritate the scalp and can dry out your hair.


Switch To Cold Water



Hot water can strip your hair of its natural moisture and oils. This results in dry and frizzy hair, that’s more prone to breakage. Rinse your hair with cold water to seal in moisture and shrink your scalp’s pores –– this also prevents dirt and grime from settling in it.


Always Apply Serum



Formulated to give your hair an extra coating of moisture, serums also protect your hair from any sort of heat damage. It locks in moisture and reduces your hair from frizzing up. Serums are great for adding shine and making your locks look healthy and luscious.


Do An Oil Massage



Get into the habit of oiling your hair once every week. This age-old remedy of massaging some hair oil into your scalp and hair actually nourishes dull strands. Go for almond or coconut or argan oil to do so. Hair oils replenish the lost oil and moisture in your hair and restore it to its former glory. This is one of the most amazing ways to moisturise dry hair.


Use A Deep Conditioning Mask



This is the best way to moisturise dry hair instantly! A weekly deep conditioning hair mask will give your locks that detox, as well as nourishment it needs after a tiring week. You can DIY a mask with egg yolks and avocado pulp to soften your dull and lifeless mane.


Stay Away From Heat



Heat kills the hair! Try and avoid using heated styling tools when styling your hair. Whenever you do, make sure you always use a heat protectant to protect it. Think of it this way, whenever you run a blow dryer or a curling tong through your hair, you burn it slowly –– even if it’s at the lowest setting possible. This results in brittle and unmanageable hair.


Best Products That Can Help To Moisturise Dry Hair


In order to treat dried and damaged hair, you need to moisturise it with the right ingredients and products. Go as natural as possible when you are picking them –– scroll down to how to moisturise dry hair. 


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Shampoo


Dry hair needs ingredients that’ll nourish it! This shampoo has a high concentration of cold-pressed onion seed oil, moring oil, and shikakai, all of which come together to nourish your roots, strengthen them, and control hair fall. It reverses damage, fights frizz, and removes any scalp buildup and conditions like dandruff too.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Conditioner

This anti hair fall conditioner is formulated with superfood ingredients like onion seed oil, moringa, and shea butter. The onion seed oil deeply conditions the hair and promotes a healthy mane. Moringa strengthens and smoothens the hair without drying them out. The added shea butter detangles and quenches dry, damaged hair, and repair split ends. Using this conditioner will help you combat frizz and reverse previous damage caused by external factors.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Hair Oil

This effective hair oil is the answer to dry and brittle hair. It has an antibacterial formula that contains cold-pressed onion seed, moringa, bhringraj, sesame, castor, and almond oil –– it nourishes and heals the scalp while strengthening the hair and reducing hair fall. It also treats dandruff and maintains sebum balance. The oil also acts as a heat protectant and shields the hair and scalp from UV damage.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Serum

Hair serum is a necessity in everyone’s hair care routine. This serum is powered by a high concentration of cold-pressed onion seed oil, moringa, and argan oil. It detangles and softens hair, and leaves it silky and shiny. It fights frizz and dryness while protecting hair from UV damage and heat styling.

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Remember, dry hair is just the tip of the iceberg! It can lead to several issues that’ll only make your mane look and feel absolutely unhealthy. How to moisturise dry hair is a question everyone asks –– so follow this little guide to help you combat all the haircare problems related to dryness too.

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