How To Make Your Regular Makeup MATTE!


Move over glossy makeup, it’s 2019 and matte is all the rage right now. From lipsticks to foundations to eyeshadows, people can’t get enough of it and here's why! Matte makeup gives your face a beautiful, natural polished effect without the shine. This makeup trend is hotter than ever and if you want to get on board but short on cash, don’t worry! We have a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve the matte effect even with your regular makeup.

Blot it out

Oily skin troubles? Well, that’s where blotting comes to the rescue. Matte makeup is all about eliminating shine and achieving a silky, powdery finish. So, after prepping & moisturizing, get yourself a clean tissue paper and blot out any extra moisture and excess oil before applying your makeup.

Matte Face

Translucent powder is the unsung hero to achieving that matte finish. Once you’ve applied your concealer and foundation, create an airbrushed effect by using a translucent powder and a damp makeup sponge. Just press the powder under your eyes and anywhere you don’t want to add colour. With this method, you can bid adieu to shine and also leave your cakey makeup days behind you.

Matte Lips

Don’t put your powder away just yet! Want to mattify your regular lipstick? It’s easy as 1-2-3! Just line your lips with a lip liner before filling in the lipstick. Then, remove the excess with a clean tissue. In order to get the matte effect, just dab on a bit of translucent powder and voila! Matte lips instantly!

Matte Eyeshadow

Love those dramatic intense eyes? Then keep your glitter shadows at bay. Matte smoky eyes add definition sans the shimmer. Best of all, matte eye makeup is perfect for the boardroom as well as the dance floor.

There you have it. Simple tips on how you can take the matte route even with your regular makeup. Now you have no excuse to not embrace this year’s hottest trend.


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