How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster


It’s easy to experiment with different nails trends when you have long nails. But growing your nails can be difficult, especially because as they grow, they get more prone to breakage and chipping. A good hand and nail care regimen along with a combination of right products and diet can help keep your nails in shipshape.  
Whether long or short, chip-free and strong nails not only look pretty but are also a sign of good health. 

MyGlamm’s got some tips to help you get longer and stronger nails.

Moisturise your cuticles
Ensure you keep your hands moisturised throughout the day as daily chores can strip them of moisture. Apply olive or coconut oil on your cuticles at night.

Use a basecoat before nail polish
The harsh pigments in nail polish can harm nails and a basecoat is necessary to protect them from damage. Look for one with moisturising and strengthening properties.

File your nails in a round shape
Yes, we know that stiletto and coffin nails are all the rage but the classic round is the least prone to breakage and the best for the growth stage of your nails.

Get regular manicures- Manicures lead to higher blood circulation in the hands and help nails grow.

Eat a balanced diet
Your nails are simply keratin, which is a protein. Make sure you have enough protein in your diet so that your nails can grow and repair themselves, along with biotin and vitamins E and C which are essential for strong nails.

Protect your hands
Wear gloves while doing the laundry or the dishes as the harsh detergents can make your nails weak and dry.

Trim your nails
Use a nail cutter or a nail file to regularly trim your nails for smooth tips that will aid growth.

Use acetone-free nail polish remover
Acetone can dry your nails out. An acetone free remover is just as effective and far less damaging.


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