How To Hydrate Skin: 6 Easy Ways On How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated!

how to hydrate your skin

Dewy and matte skin trends may come and go, but hydrated and healthy skin will stay on-trend forever. You’d be lying if you told me that you have never Googled questions like ‘how to keep skin hydrated. A skincare aficionado knows the true difference between dry and dehydrated skin and understands the importance of deep hydration. It is a common misconception that only dry skin can be dehydrated. But the truth is that whether you have oily skin or are acne-prone, pigmented, or mature, daily hydration is key to healthy and glowing skin. But do you know how to hydrate skin naturally?


Learning how to hydrate skin fast can be different for all skin types. While some skin types require moderate hydration, some need a heavy-duty hydrating effect. We are going to discuss some basic tried and tested ways how to hydrate your skin for all skin types!

What Is Hydrated Skin?

The only word that comes to mind hearing the word ‘Hydration’ is water. Hydrated skin is the skin that has increased water content. If your skin looks and feels dull, this means your skin is dehydrated. There are many ways you can add water to your skin making it look smooth, radiant, and even-toned. 


How To Hydrate Your Skin Effectively


So if you’re someone who is looking for fool-proof ways to keep their skin hydrated, here are some simple and quick ways that tell you how to hydrate face and keep it hydrated for long hours. 


Stay Hydrated


Stay hydrated



If you’re wondering how to keep skin hydrated, this is the most basic, yet the most important way to do so. Keep your body hydrated at all times. You can do so by drinking 2-3 litres of water daily. You can also keep your body hydrated by consuming hydrating food products like watermelon, cucumber, and other fruits. 


Hydrating Skincare


Hydrate Skin



How to hydrate skin naturally with skincare products? While your skincare is suitable for your skin type, and targets your skin concerns, keeping your skin hydrated is also a crucial part of healthy skin. How to hydrate skin in the middle of all this? Simple - incorporate at least one hydrating skincare product into your routine. Most preferably a serum, sheet mask, or a moisturizer, a hydrating skincare product can change your skincare game completely. 




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Avoid Hot Showers



We all find hot and steaming showers calming and relaxing, don’t we? However, if you’re looking for skin hydration tips, this is a big no-no. Hot water tends to wash off your skin’s natural moisture and oils, making it dry and taunt. Switch to lukewarm or cold showers to retain your skin’s hydration. So avoiding hot showers is one of the best options for how to keep skin hydrated.


Apply Sunscreen Everyday

Apply Sunscreen Everyday

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The harmful rays of the sun not only damage your skin but makes it dehydrated too. Applying sunscreen every day will bring back the lost moisture and maintain hydration and elasticity in your skin. So you know how to keep skin hydrated with sunscreen, right!?

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Intake Foods Rich In Water Content

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Fruits and vegetables are not only good for your health but skin too. Fruits that are citrus-based like oranges and lemons, help to maintain the skin’s overall texture. Foods rich in vitamin A and B3 are absolutely essential for maintaining the good health of your skin.

Reduce Consumption Of Caffeine

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Caffeine and alcohol both reduce the water content of the skin. So to avoid the dehydrated feeling, try limiting your coffee and alcohol intake minimising their impact on your skin.




How can I hydrate my skin fast?

While drinking plenty of water is the best way to keep your skin hydrated at all times, there might be days that social media or office presentations district you away from your daily 3 litres of water. In such situations, one can’t help but wonder how to hydrate skin fast? This is when Godsent skincare actives like hyaluronic acid come in handy. You can rely on intensely hydrating skincare to supply rapid hydration to dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid skin care is easily available in the form of serums, creams, gels, facial tonics, and even face masks. What will be your weapon of choice?


What does dehydrated skin look like?

Dehydrated skin is often itchy and stretched to feel. It is also very dull looking and lacks shine and lustre. So if your skin is lacking plumpness off late, maybe it’s time to Google how to hydrate your skin deeply. If you’re constantly avoiding proper hydration techniques for your skin, even makeup won’t be able to provide you with a fix. Makeup doesn’t adhere to dry flaky skin. Avoid the foundation disaster of your nightmares and keep your skin hydrated by drinking adequate water, and using hydrating skincare products for your skin type. 


Is dehydrated skin permanent?

Dry skin is a skin type but dehydrated skin is a condition. It can be permanent if it is not looked at or cared for a long period of time. However, onset care can rehydrate your skin and make it plump over time. 


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Healthy and hydrated skin is on everybody’s wish list. However, achieving the same can be a tricky task. You might find yourselves googling questions like ‘how to hydrate skin’, and ‘how to hydrate face’ constantly in those efforts. One must remember that the skin on your face and on your body, both require intense hydration. Hydration is not only the answer to glowy and plump skin but also the key quotient when it comes to anti-ageing skincare. 

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