How To Get The Perfect No Makeup Look


Natural makeup may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a massive trend. Using makeup to look like you are not wearing any makeup is what women everywhere are aiming for. The no-makeup look has been a hit on the international runways and on Instagram too. It’s basically about flawless- looking and glowing skin with nude lips and bright eyes that will make you look naturally pretty, doesn’t that sound great? The "no makeup" makeup trend is about using minimum products, to create a subtle yet put-together look that enhances one’s natural beauty. But, getting that perfect no-makeup look can be challenging for many. If you too are looking to pull off that ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look, here are some useful tips that’ll help you master the no-makeup look. For all, we can say that this look is here to stay.

Skin prep
Healthy skin is the key to getting a naturally glowing look. Indulge in some skin prep before starting with the makeup application. Start by cleansing, toning, and moisturising. You can use a brightening serum if you want. Work the serum into the skin so that it's plump and supple. Similarly, a hydrating face mask will inundate the skin with the much-needed moisture, keeping it soft and springy looking.

Prime to perfection
When you’re going for a minimal look, a primer is the easiest way to get a smooth base. Primers fill the pores of the skin making it look smoother and hence more youthful. You can go for a tinted primer that will give you a small amount of coverage. You can avoid wearing a foundation altogether if your skin is naturally flawless. Similarly, for extra dry skin, a hydrating primer will do the trick, or an illuminating primer will add that lit from within glow and make you look extra hydrated.

Keep the coverage light
Save your full coverage foundation for weddings and parties. Go for BB cream and tinted moisturisers instead that give medium to sheer coverage minus the dryness. If you have to use foundation, choose a cream foundation. A small amount goes a long way, giving you sheer to medium coverage. The creamy formula blends into the skin making it look naturally flawless.

Conceal and correct
If you have dark circles and want to cover blemishes, a concealer is just what you need. Use skin correctors to hide any redness or discolouration on the skin. Apply a thin layer of concealer and dab it gently on the skin with a finger. Use patting motions to cover all the desired areas as the warmth of your finger will make the product melt into the skin.

Do the dew
Dewy skin is one of the highlights of the no-makeup look. Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter like the Spotlight Strobing Liquid in your moisturiser and apply it all over the face and neck. Use a creamy blush stick to get a dewy, flushed look on the cheeks.

Keep it light
After the base is done, it’s time to add some colour to the look to mimic the natural flush of healthy skin. Avoid piling on loads of blush on the cheeks, as we are aiming for natural and not clownish. A hint of blush will do. Start with a teeny amount and work it into the skin using a fluffy brush in circular motions. Do the same with the highlighter; apply on the high points of the face and blend it into the skin well. We would recommend keeping it subtle so that your skin looks naturally lit.

Work those brows
Groomed brows can make all the difference, especially on a face with less makeup. Unruly eyebrows can make you look utterly shabby and unkempt even if you have done everything else right. Get your brows in shape and if they are thin or sparse, use a brow filler like the Stay Defined HD Brow Powder to make them look fuller. Overdone eyebrows are also a complete no-no as it looks unnatural. Fill in the gaps gently with a brow filler that matches your eyebrow hair and do no go overboard. Once done, use a spoolie to spread the product evenly and to make the brows look thoroughly groomed.

Easy on the eyes
The skin is the star of the no-makeup look, so it’s okay to go easy on the eyes. A touch of mascara opens the eyes. One coat should be enough, as you do not want too much drama. The Threesome mascara lengthens, curls and volumizes your lashes all at once. Tight line your eyes with a jet black kajal to define them.

Light pout
Consistency is the key people; natural makeup should have natural looking lips Complement your look with a nude lipstick or wear a lip tint instead of full-blown lipstick. Tinted lip balm is an easy way to enhance your skin’s natural tone. Or, if you have a lipstick, dab it on your lips using a finger for that stained look. A lip gloss is another great option.


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