How To Get A Glamorous Cocktail Makeup Look At Home | Cory Walia


It’s a bridal season, so you know what that means! Never-ending parties, dancing till dawn and meeting a whole lot of people. From all the wedding functions, the cocktail party has to be one of the most fun events. This night is all about making memories and enjoying yourself with your friends and family. That is why we'd hate to see you ruin your excitement by worrying about finding the right makeup artist. Leave it to us to take away all your makeup woes.

Who needs a full makeup team when you have celebrity makeup artist Cory Walia. This celebrated bridal makeup artist will show you how to create a glamorous cocktail look makeup with this easy step by step tutorial with amazing makeup products. Now, not only can you do your makeup yourself but also save some money.

Just think of Cory Walia as your makeup godfather guiding you through each step. Once you're done, you're sure to look like a real-life princess. Scroll down to learn more about how to do a cocktail party makeup look!


Step 1

Begin by using MyGlamm’s Total Makeover FF Cream as a part of your cocktail makeup look. First apply the correctors to cover any blemishes, pigmentation, and redness. Next, move on to the inbuilt Primer-Concealer-Foundation and apply it all over your face and neck to get a smooth matte finish.





Step 2

Use MyGlamm’s Glow to Glamour shimmer powder on the high points of your face for a subtle glow. For a flawless cocktail makeup look, adding a bit of the shimmer powder will instantly illuminate your face.

Step 3

Next on the list is MyGlamm’s Chisel It in Game Face which comes with its own bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and jawline will add some warmth to your face. Apply the blush on your cheeks and temples to get that natural flush and finally a bit of highlighter on the high points of your face will leave you glowing with confidence.


Step 4

Now it’s time to focus on your eyes for a glamorous cocktail makeup look. Make your eyes shine with MyGlamm’s Powder Magic- Goldmine. Once you've glittered your lids, add definition to your eyes with Jet Set Eyes in Noir. Just a swoop on the bottom lids is enough to make them pop. 

No time for fake lashes? A few coats of MyGlamm's Threesome Mascara will volumize, curl and lengthen your lashes.


Step 5

Your look isn’t complete without the right shade of lipstick. MyGlamm’s Butterlicious in Possessed is just what you need to add that final enchanting touch to your entire look.


And there you have it! Your cocktail party makeup looks in 5 easy steps. Why go to the salon to look like a star when you have a celebrity makeup artist schooling you on what to do. Now that your cocktail look makeup is sorted, all you need to worry about is killing those moves on the dance floor

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