Five Products For a Fresh-Faced Look


It might look like a piece of cake, but applying your makeup to look fresh-faced does require some skill. Apart from practice, the use of right products, in the right order can make all the difference. We are going to tell you how to master the 'i-woke-up-looking-like-sunshine' look with minimal effort and also products.
You can wear this look to office or on days when you don;t want to cake your face with makeup. Well, it is easy to do and can easily be your go-to everyday look.
So, this is how to get a flawless, fresh face with the least amount of products. 

Tinted Primer

For flawless face, you don’t require a heavy duty foundation, unless it’s one with buildable coverage like the Total Makeover FF foundation cream. Start with a tinted primer like the Tinted Perfection base Primer. It will fill in the pores, makes your skin silky smooth, mattifies it and also give a hint of tint. If your skin is naturally flawless or you want to go light, this primer is all you can wear as base. Or simply wear it under your foundation or BB Cream and your skin for a smooth and matte skin everyday. 

Concealer for the win

The idea is to steer clear of heavy weight concealers, to look fresh & natural faced. Having great skin goes a long way but for those of us not genetically gifted or for those used to burning the midnight oil, strategically applied dabs of concealers followed by a sun screen ought to be enough. Cover your under-eye area in a triangle shape, apply some on the corners of the nose and lips to counter any discolouration. Concealer is an important step when you want to get a flawless face.

Creamy Blush

You want to look like you got your full eight hours of beauty sleep and then some more for good measure, not like you spent eight hours putting on your makeup. Take a break from your powder blush and go for a crème based blush. Use your fingers to apply the blush on your cheeks, and just blend it on the apples of your cheeks. If you have oily skin, this is especially good as it blends into the skin. There's no fear of caking if you sweat or your skin gets greasy. The blush will stay intact.

Woow Brow

Brows frame your face so you may want to pay a little attention to them while doing your makeup. When it comes to getting a flawless face, eyebrows must be taken into consideration among other things. Fill them in using a natural coloured brow powder for a more natural finish. Do not colour your eyebrows too dark as it mkes your face look stark and the brows look too fake. Oh, and skip the eyeliner!

See Stay Defined HD Brow Powder + Liquid Eyeliner

Opt for a Bright Lipstick

Since the rest of your face isn’t washed in colour, you can pick up a bright lippie. We are partial to a rich pink or fiery red. A bright colour like fuchsia pink will stand out on a flawless face, making it look brighter, so don't hold back on the lipstick.

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