Goth Makeup Is The ’00s Beauty Trend That HAs Blown Up On The Beauty Scene

Goth Makeup

Goth Makeup was a super popular trend back in the 2000s and it has made a comeback this year as well. With shows like Wednesday becoming so popular and even celebrities like Kylie Jenner rocking goth looks, goth makeup is back in action and everyone wants to learn how to ace the trend. The cool thing about goth makeup is that it is quite easy to recreate and it requires just the basic makeup products that everybody already has in their kits. Think matte skin, cold blush, and smokey kajal eyeliner paired with a bitten berry lip. The goth makeup aesthetic is a quite fun trend to play around with and if you’d like, you can make it even more dramatic by loading up on kajal and maybe adding some black and gunmetal pigments to your eyes and lips. If you’re curious to know exactly how to apply goth makeup, here is an essential step-by-step guide. Check it out!


How to Apply Goth Makeup 


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Goth makeup is the coolest new makeup trend on the block with celebrities, supermodels, and main characters in TV shows rocking the trend. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply goth makeup so that you too can slay the trend in style.

Step 1: Create A Matte Base

Goth Makeup Look


Begin by applying your base makeup and keeping it as matte as possible. You can try dewy bases as well but matte is more in line with goth makeup and it is also a classic choice. First, follow a CTM routine with a cleanser, toner, and mattifying moisturiser. Once the last step of the skincare is complete and the moisturiser is absorbed by the skin, apply a face makeup primer. Wait for a few seconds and then dot and blend a foundation on your face and neck. Use a concealer on areas that need extra coverage such as the under-eye areas, contours of the nose and mouth, and blemishes. Set your base with a loose translucent setting powder. You can also use a compact powder for extra coverage or use the compact powder instead of foundation for light coverage that is truly matte.


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This is a newly launched compact powder that is formulated to make your skin glow. Infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, this compact powder delivers buildable coverage and also keeps skin nourished and smooth throughout the day.




Step 2: Groom Your Brows

Simple Goth Makeup

Groom your brows with an eyebrow pencil and you can even use a brow gel to make the brows look fuller and keep the strands in place. First, fill in your brows with hair-like strokes. There is no need to outline your brow shape as that will look too bold. Brush in and blend the pigment with a spoolie brush. Once done, swipe on a brow gel.


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This is the perfect eyebrow grooming pencil. Available in two shades, it allows for drawing natural hair-like strokes easily and comes with a spoolie brush on the other end to blend and brush up the brows and pigment.

Step 3: Get Your Eye Makeup Done

Beautiful Goth Makeup


You can go for a minimalist goth makeup look or a bold goth eye makeup look. For minimalistic, simply apply a nude eyeshadow on your lids to set it and then smudge kajal on your lash lines and wear mascara. For a bolder look, smudge black eyeshadow on your lids, top it off with gunmetal eyeshadow, wear eyeliner, and finish it off by adding drama to your lashes with a mascara.


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This kajal eyeliner is perfect for all sorts of goth eye makeup. Once applied, it needs to be smudged quickly to get a smokey effect because it won’t budge after it sets.


Step 4: Apply Complexion Makeup

Gothic Style Makeup


Opting a strong contour is cool when it comes to goth makeup. You can try the skeleton contour instead of the regular contour methods for a more chiselled look. After blending in the contour, apply a highlighter shade on the high points of your face. Blend a cool toned berry blush on your cheeks and take it up to your under eye areas. Layer the cream blush with a matte blush to set it.


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This creamy lip and cheek tint in a plum shade is perfect for goth girl makeup looks. It blends beautifully on the skin and delivers a sheer to buildable coverage.

Step 5: Apply Lip Makeup

Gothic Makeup


Similar to goth eye makeup, you can go subtle or bold with goth lip makeup as well. Scrub and moisturise your lips and then apply a tinted berry lip balm for a goth lip look. For a bolder look, you can apply a liquid matte lipstick in a black shade - even ox-blood shade is in RN.

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This liquid matte lipstick is in the darkest brown shade that looks almost black when applied. Enriched with moringa oil, it offers long lasting comfortable wear without smudging or budging.

Go on and experiment with this step by step goth makeup tutorial to ace the goth makeup trend like a total pro this season!

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