How to Contour, Blush & Highlight

Thanks to Kim K West, contouring and highlighting have become common terms in the world of beauty. Contouring adds dimension to the face and gives it a chiselled look while highlighters add a sheen to the face. Then there’s blush to mimic the natural flush, giving the skin a healthy appearance. Together, these three techniques can make you look like a million bucks, if done right. But if you are new to contouring, chances are you will have a tough time getting it right, in the first attempt, unless you are a prodigy. We are here to help you out. Blogger Simmy Goraya breaks down contouring and how to apply highlighter and blush, to show you how to do it correctly. Check out this easy step by step tutorial on How to Contour, How to Blush and How to Highlight.

Learn how to contour, blush and highlight your face in easy steps:

Step 1:

Prep the face by cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Next, create a light base using a foundation from the Total Makeover FF Cream palette. Set the base with Glow to Glamour matte fixing powder.

Step 2:

Start adding warmth to the face using bronzer from the Chisel It Poker Face palette. Pick some bronzer on the brush and dust all over the hollows of the cheeks, edge of the forehead, jawline and the temples.

Step 3:

Add a flush of colour to the cheeks with a dull pink rosy blush. Use a fluffy brush in circular motions to apply the blush all over the cheeks and temples.

Step 4:

Next, highlight the high points of the face like the tops of cheekbones, middle of the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. Brush some highlighter on the Cupid’s bow and brow bone too. You can start with a subtle highlighter and build it if you need a higher intensity.

Step 5:

A well-groomed and prominent brow will help the highlighter stand out. Darken the brows, if required, using the Stay Defined HD Brow Powder.


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