The Complete Guide On How To Pick Your Signature Scent


Ever went down memory lane all thanks to a certain fragrance? That’s because your sense of smell plays a huge role in triggering associations, including one signature to you! In a sea of so many choices, sometimes it’s really difficult to pick and choose what works best for you. How to choose the right perfume that’s tailored to you? When you’re spoilt for choice, it can be a tad daunting when finding your signature scent that’s an extension of your personality. But fret not! Don’t let the plethora of options, fragrance combinations, and fancy scents scare you away. Scroll down to see a guide on what to think and how to choose a perfume customised to your taste and needs.


Guide on Selecting Signature Scent or Perfume


Whether it’s a reflection of your personality or simply a fragrance you truly associate with or love, choosing a perfume can get confusing. Let this guide help you understand how to choose the right perfume for you!


Find Your Favourite Family


Every fragrance falls under a certain family –– if you like fresh flowers then you’ll find yourself attracted to floral scents, if sweet fragrances are more up your alley then going for citrus scents makes more sense. If you’re someone who likes more masculine woody scents, then musk or sandalwood notes are your thing. There are various categories including floral, oriental, woody and gourmand, and fresh. There can be an overlap of families too, and that’s when understanding the notes of your luxury perfumes comes in handy.


It’s All About The Notes


The first step to picking a perfume is to know the notes of a fragrance –– top, middle, and base. What does this mean? Every perfume has a unique combination of notes that basically make the scent what it is. The top notes last for about 5 to 15 minutes, the middle or heart notes take about 30 minutes to an hour to last, and the base notes are what lasts the duration of the wear. Some fragrances may have a hit of a fruity floral scent but then settle into one that’s more sweet.


Choose Your Concentration


Ever spot EDP or EDT or EDC on your fragrances? Well, that’s an indication of how concentrated the fragrance is. The higher the concentration, the stronger the scent and the longer the fragrance lasts. The highest concentration is perfume or parfum, where a small amount is enough to linger on all day long. Then next is eau de parfum which lasts about six to seven hours after a spritz. Then comes eau de toilette, which is a less concentrated formulation and needs to be topped up at least twice between wears. The lowest concentration is eau de cologne, which lasts only around 2 to 3 hours.


Always Test On The Skin


Make sure to test out a bunch of samples before you dive in! Now, you can definitely spritz the fragrance on test strips, however, it’s essential that you wear it on your body before making your decision. Picking a perfume requires you to figure out what works for you and your body’s chemistry. Thanks to your unique pheromones, the scent of the perfume tends to tweak itself to you. This can differ quite a bit to the test strips.


Try Out Samples


Want to test out a fragrance you love? Remember to sample out a smaller product before picking a perfume as your favourite. This’ll allow you to understand its longevity and whether the fragrance eventually adapts to your body’s chemistry. Fragrances aren’t the cheapest splurge, so test the waters out a bit before making a decision.


Research. Research. Research.


Always do your research before investing in a perfume. Read up on your favourite fragrance families and understand the difference between each of them. For example citrus scents have a shorter duration than woody scents. Within each family as well there are multiple scents –– floral fragrances will have thousands of rose scents that do not smell alike. Understand the difference between natural fragrances and synthetic ones too.


Think About Your Skin

Just like you’d steer clear of heavily fragranced skincare products if you’ve got sensitive skin, you need to keep away from perfumes that are heavy for your skin too. Picking the right perfume means also understanding how it works on your skin, after all that’s where you’re going to be applying it right?

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While finding a signature fragrance is rather daunting, once you find the one, it won’t disappoint. So on the quest to choose your scent, make sure you check off this guide before finding ‘the one’.



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