How To Buy The Best Highlighter For Fair Skin, Medium Skin, & Dark Skin Tones!

Highlighter for you skin tone

Highlighters have found a way into every woman’s makeup kit and are here to stay. Just a few swipes of this product on the skin and you have that lit-from-within, radiant skin in an instant. Along with imparting your skin with a luminous glow all year round with the use of compacts, concealers, and foundations, the best highlighters for fair skin, and other skin tones can also make the darker area of your face, like the under eyes, brighter. When you buy a highlighter for fair skin or any other skin tone, it’s always better to try first and the simplest way to apply a highlighter for a natural, dewy look is to put it on the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, the centre of the forehead, and chin. These are the areas where the light hits your face naturally and the highlighter reflects the light giving you a reflective glow.

Be it best highlighter for fair skin, best highlighter for dark skin, best highlighter for fair skin, best highlighter for dusky skin, or best highlighter for medium skin tone, all these highlighters come in numerous colours and textures. A general rule is finding a highlighter that is a few degrees lighter than your skin tone. It also depends on where you apply it. The goal when applying a highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturize your skin. 

Spotlight Multitasking Strobing Liquid is a subtle highlighter in a concentrated liquid form. The best thing about this highlighter is that it blends easily into the skin, lifting your natural glow. Just a few drops are enough to make your skin look fresh and radiant. 


How to Choose Highlighter Shade For Indian Skin Tone?

The best way is to look for a highlighter that's two shades lighter than your skin. That way, your glow will look natural and not like a disco ball (unless that's your thing). Just like the foundation, your highlighter should look like it's part of your skin and blend seamlessly to give a subtle sheen that is buildable.

how to choose highlighter

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Choose The Best Highlighter For Fair Skin, Medium Skin, & Dark Skin Tone

Here are some tips on picking the best highlighter for fair skin, best highlighter for dark skin, best highlighter for fair skin, best highlighter for dusky skin, or best highlighter for medium skin tone, we have it all for you!

Highlighter for Fair skin

 Highlighter for fair skin

Iridescent shades are particularly nice on fair skin tones. Go for hues like lilac, peach, pearl, silver, and champagne. Pink tones are another fabulous shade for fair skin tones. It’s best to avoid deep shades like bronze and copper as they may look loud and even fake and not good on your skin. 

Pose HD highlighter DUO- Champagne | Rose Gold is one of the ideal choices in highlighters for fair skin in the shade Champagne & Rose Gold. The USP of the highlighter is that it gives a subtle look, blends effortlessly, and has an ultra-shimmer finish adding natural radiance to the skin in


Highlighter for Medium skin tone

highlighter for medium skin tone

Look for highlighters with peach or gold undertones. Hues like golden and champagne are best for medium to wheatish skin tones. Iridescent shades can also work but look for colours that have more warmth to them. Stay away from pink as it might come across as harsh against your warm complexion. 

Magic Potion in the shade phoenix is one of the most ideal choices for women having medium skin tone. The USP of this roll-on illuminator is that it has a hydrating water-based formula, light-as-air giving your skin a sparkling luminosity in just ₹ 995.

Highlighter for Deeper skin tones

Highlighter for deeper skin toner

Lean towards rich golds, copper, and bronze tones and avoid too much shimmer, as those can sometimes make you look ashy. Stay away from iridescent and frosty colours like pink as they may come across as grey instead of lit-from-within.

K.Play flavoured highlighter in the shade Ripe Melon is one of the most ideal choices in highlighters for dark skin tones. The USP of the product is that it is a bright gold shade having a radiant finish, available in fresh flavours, and provides a seamless finish in just ₹ 645.


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Hope it’s much easier now to buy the best highlighter for fair skin tone and other skin tones, right? Buy a highlighter for your face and leave your spark everywhere you go!


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