How To Use Mascara: Here’s An Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Mascara Like A Makeup Maestro


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Let’s just admit it, mascara is pretty underrated. This powerful eye makeup product packs so much –– it lifts, curls, volumises, defines, all just in one swipe. And never underestimate the impact of good lashes. Adding mascara to any look uplifts it instantly –– even if you want to go sans any makeup, a little bit of mascara immediately brightens up your eyes and gives you a dressy touch. But do you know how to put on mascara? Unfortunately, an incorrect application of mascara will result in a hot mess. Prevent those raccoon eyes, and learn how to use mascara the right way. Let this guide the way, so that you’re not left with an unfortunate and unprecedented smokey eye. Scroll down to know how to apply mascara perfectly!

How To Apply Mascara

Although mascaras seem like an easy product to use, you can get it wrong sometimes. Here's an easy guide that’ll help you understand how to apply mascara naturally, even if you’re a beginner. 

Step 1 - Clean Your Lashes

Clean Your Lashes

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Just the way you’d cleanse your skin before applying makeup, you need to ensure your lashes are clean and free of any gunk. This’ll prevent your mascara from clumping too. This is the first step on how to put on mascara.


Step 2 - Curl Them

 Curl lashes before applying mascara

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While looking straight, hold a lash curler at the base of your eyelashes and press the curler down. Be careful with the lash curler, as it sometimes has the tendency to pull on the hair. Alternatively, you can use your index finger and press it against the base of your lashes. Repeat 3 - 4 times, till you see them slightly curled. This is the second most important step on how to apply mascara.


Step 3 - Prime Your Lashes


prime your lashes

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Another step on how to apply mascara is to use a little baby powder to prime your eyelashes. All you need to do is dip a q-tip or a clean, product-free spoolie into some baby powder. Comb it into your eyelashes and make sure there’s a light layer of the powder present.


Step 4 - And Go With The Mascara

apply mascara

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Start by applying the mascara from the middle of your lashes. The best way to do this is to wipe off the excess from the brush, look straight into the mirror, and apply it to your upper eyelashes. Wiggle the wand as you apply, making you coat each hair from base to tip. Wipe off any excess product on the brush, hold it vertically, and use the tip to separate the lashes, and prevent it from clumping. You can even use a clean spoolie makeup brush to do so.


Step 5 - Apply Another Coat

apply other coat

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If you want a more dramatic look then apply another coat of mascara –– repeat the process.


How To Apply Mascara On The Lower Lashes


It’s important to know how to apply mascara to lower lashes, mainly because it can prove to be rather tricky. If not done properly, it can cause your lashes to look clumpy and the product to spread across the lower part of your eyes. Plus, if you’ve got dark circles, any mistake can enhance them. Scroll down to see how to get it right, and prevent a mess from occurring. 


Step 1 - Place A Tissue


Place A Tissue while applying mascara

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Start by placing a tissue to prevent the mascara from getting onto your under eye area.


Step 2 - Apply The Mascara


apply mascara on lashes

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Just like you did with your upper lashes, apply your mascara from the centre of your eye. Use the tissue to prevent the wand from touching your skin during the application. Tilt your brush vertically and use the tip of the spoolie to coat the inner corners of your eyes. This is the way how to apply mascara on the bottom lashes!


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No eye makeup look is complete without the right mascara by your side (and your lashes). Learn how to apply mascara correctly so that you can make the most of your product and get the best out of your eyelashes.


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