Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do Post A Facial Treatment

Monthly facials are the first step towards a healthy and glowing skin. With the use of exfoliation, massage, and the penetration of nutrients and antioxidants, facials also fight to reverse ageing.

At MyGlamm, you can pick from a range of facials be it, Christine Valmy, Biotique or Forest Essentials facials for a soothing experience, that’s sure to leave you with a glowing face and softer skin. However, what’s important is to understand what we shouldn’t do immediately after a facial treatment. Find out what mistakes you’re making after pampering yourself with a facial treatment:

1. Avoid Visiting The Steam Room & Working Out: Since you’ve been cleaned and steamed, it’s not a very good idea to enter the steam room or to work out. Heating your face up is going to strip away your just-paid-for glow. This would only mean a waste of your facial massage session.


2. Don’t Wash Your Face: A skin artist has just spent an hour removing all the dirt and dust that was accumulated on your face since the last time you went for a facial. Therefore, washing your face again immediately with a face wash is not the right move. The chemicals in facial washes can irritate your treated skin. Therefore, refrain from washing it for 24 hours.


3. Avoid Using Homemade Packs: After an amazing facial treatment, avoid having any homemade packs or at-home peels on your face for atleast 72 hours. This way you will be saved from irritation and redness.


4. Don’t Step Out In The Sun: Exposure to the sun post a facial treatment will cause damage to your skin. As your skin will be extra sensitive at this time, exposing yourself to the sun will amplify its skin-damaging effects.


5. Avoid Makeup: Wearing makeup right after a facial treatment can severely damage your skin. Makeup will block the pores causing breakouts and other skin problems. Remember that when you do apply makeup again, use fresh sponges or a clean brush.


6. Refrain From Touching Your Face: Research shows that humans touch their face 16 times per hour on average. This transfers dirt and bacteria from your hands onto your face, which might result in new breakouts, especially on sensitive post-facial skin. Therefore, refrain from touching your skin too often.


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