Here’s Some Lipspiration That Won’t Let You Ruin Your Pout

Admit it! Not all of us have the best lipstick sense. We are all committing some mistakes that is ruining our pout. And this is more to do with the way we wear our lipstick everyday. Though your lip color may come across as super fancy to some, but for your satisfaction, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind for the best lipstick application and for its long-lasting effect:

#Tip1 – Prepare your lips for some heavy lipstick application. Lipstick won’t look attractive on chapped or dry lips. Therefore, the first step is to prepare your lips by exfoliating with either a sugar scrub or a toothbrush. The next step is to keep them moisturized all through the night as they are exposed to lipstick all through the day. Before going to bed, make sure you apply some petroleum jelly on your lips and remove the dead skin in the morning. This will help you keep your lips smooth and soft.



#Tip2 – For fuller lips, lip liners are very important. Do not give lip liner a miss before going for heavy lipstick application. Also, make sure your lip liner matches your lipstick or is of the same shade as your lip color. A liner will prevent your lipstick from bleeding.



#Tip3 – Use the right formula of lipstick application. If you wear a matte lipstick directly on your lips, it will result in chapped and dry lips post removal. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to moisturize your lips before application. The only drawback of applying a moisturizer before lipstick is that you will have to re-apply your lipstick frequently, especially in the middle of your lips.



#Tip4 – Fill the entire lip with your lip liner. So, if your lipstick wears out, you still have some color on your lips. It’s a better trick than going for touch-ups every one or two hours.



#Tip5 – For a matte effect, hold a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder. This will not just turn your glossy lipstick into matte within seconds, but will also set your lipstick to last you through the day. And if you don’t want a matte effect, then simply spray a setting spray on your lips.



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