Hate Waiting For Your Nails To Dry? 10 Hacks To Make Your Polish Dry Faster

How to Dry Nail Polish Faster

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Everyone loves to flash those gorgeous digits! With an array of colours and nail art to choose from you are always spoilt for choice. Picture this –– you’ve got a fresh manicure, your favourite hue looks fabulous on your nails, and you can’t wait to take a picture. But, the wait is long because you can’t move your fingers till your nail polish dries. Probably one of the biggest issues of a fresh manicure is the wait time –– and if you’re not patient, you risk the chances of smudging and ruining your beautiful nails. Scroll down to see how to dry nail polish faster, so that you avoid a messy manicure.


Tips to Dry Nail Polish Faster 


The most annoying thing about sporting a new nail product every once in a while is running the risk of ruining it when it’s half wet. For this you need a couple of tricks and tips to dry your nail polish faster.


Always Double Up With A Top Coat


After waiting a few minutes for your nail polish to dry, apply a clear nail polish top coat on top of your nails. Opt for one that dries instantly, so that your nails dry quicker.


Dip In Iced Water


This age old tip to dry nail polish faster is tried and tested. Before you paint your nails, keep a bowl filled with cold tap water and a few ice cubes ready. Keep it besides you –– after you paint your nails, wait for a couple of minutes for the polish to set and then dip it in cold water. Let it sit for five minutes. When you take out your hands from the bowl, you’ll notice water droplets on the nails. This means your nails are dry and ready to go!


Blast Dry


Run a blowdryer over your nails on the cool air setting once they’re painted. This tip to dry nail polish faster works better when you paint one hand at a time, blow dry the nails, and then move on to the next hand.


Allow Time Between Coats


When applying your nail polish, do not hurry between coats. Make sure you allow each layer time to dry before applying the next. Depending on the formula, allow for approximately 3 to 5 minutes between each coat.


Don’t Overdo The Layers


The trick is simple, keep your layers very thin. The thicker your coat of nail polish, the longer it will take to dry. Make sure you apply very little product with each coat and always brush off the excess polish before applying.




Baby oil and olive oil are great to speed up the drying process of your nail polish. Once you’ve applied your nail polish, using a dropper add a drop or two of the oil to each nail and wait for about two minutes. The oil basically thins out the nail polish, allowing for the paint to dry faster. Once you see beading on top of the nail bed, you can be sure that your nails are dry.


Pick The Right Colour


If you’re strapped for time, but want to jazz up your digits then opt for the right colours. Going for light, sheer colour, or even metallic will instantly dazzle your nails without you having to wait hours for it to dry. Anything that’s darker takes longer to dry as it has a whole lot of pigment. 


Place Them In The Freezer


Cold air helps dry your nail polish faster. You can also place your hands in the freezer to help speed up the process. It’s a great way to dry your nails and prevent you from smudging them accidentally. Keep your hands in the freezer for about 2 to 3 minutes.


Finish With Hairspray


Want to set your polish? Hairspray is a quick tip you can use to dry nail polish faster. A little bit of hairspray on your nails helps set the top layer (but not the bottom). So make sure you let your nails be for a bit to avoid smudging.


Keep Still


While flapping your hands around might seem like the best way to air dry your talons, it actually increases the chances of you smudging your nails. Keep your hands on a flat surface and sit still. Avoid the urge to scroll through your phone or flip through a magazine while you are –– just sit back, relax, and don’t move. This’ll prevent you from smudging your nails accidentally and will save you time from any redos.


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It’s such a task to wait around for your nail polish to dry. And sometimes, no matter how long you wait you are bound to smudge at least one of your freshly manicured nails in the bargain. When flapping your hands and blowing on your nails don’t do justice to your nails, you have to call in the big guns to step in. These tips and tricks on how to dry nail polish faster will instantly speed up the process and leave your talons smudge-free and intact.