5 Hand Creams For Dry Skin That Are A Handbag Must Have


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Over the last two years “hand care” has gotten a whole new meaning. The 20 second wash rule to eliminate all germs, as well as the constant use of hand sanitiser has stripped our skin off its natural oils causing it to become dry and calloused. This results in peeling, scaly, cracked skin that looks and feels super unhealthy. When saying goodbye to germs also entails bidding farewell to moisture, it’s time to take things in your own hands and go the extra mile to care for your skin. Step in, moisturising hand creams –– the best way to strike that balance and prevent your hands from feeling as dry as the Sahara. Keeping a hand cream ‘handy’ is one of the best ways to nourish your skin. This prevents your skin from peeling and can even improve nail health. Scroll down to see the best hand creams for dry skin and how to pick the right one that is meant for you.

How To Choose Best Hand Cream For Dry Hands


Finding the right hand cream can be a bit of a Goldilocks task. It needs a bit of a trial and error approach before you find ‘the one’. Some might feel too sticky, others might absorb to quickly, and some may just feel like slime –– however, when you do find the right one, it’ll be by your side for life. Scroll down to see a guide on choosing the best hand cream for dry hands. 


Look For The Right Ingredients


Make sure to keep an eye out for the right ingredients in your hand cream. You need to go for nourishing ones that will moisturise and hydrate your skin –– humectants, emollients, and occlusives are your best friends. Humectants draw moisture from the environment into your skin, while an occlusive prevents moisture loss, allowing your skin to remain hydrated. Emollients on the other hand, fill in the gaps and smoothen and soften your skin. Popular humectants include hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and urea, occlusives include lanolin and petrolatum, and emollients include oils like coconut and palm.


Plus Points If It Fights Germs Too


A lot of hand cream formulas now come built in with a germ killing, sanitising care too! This way you get to cleanse your hands, while moisturising them too!


Be Comfortable With The Texture


Since you tend to use your hands a lot, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the texture of the hand creams. Hand creams for dry hands tend to have thicker texture, however a lot also absorb quickly making the wear comfortable rather than sticky. Go for light-textured lotion or a balm based cream to avoid extra stickiness.


Ensure That It Is Chemical-Free


Chemicals like parabens and fragrances only tend to irritate the skin and cause it to get drier. Avoid using hand creams with harsh chemicals that will strip your skin off its natural oils or cause sensitivity. This will also prevent any allergic reactions.


Best Hand Creams for Dry Skin


Looking for the right hand cream for dry skin? Take your pick from the best of the best of these handbag staples you can use and carry anywhere and everywhere.


MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Hand Cream

This germ killing hand cream nourishes, softens, and moisturises your hands, while keeping you completely germ-free. The formula is enriched with cocoa butter, an essential ingredient that helps in treating dry skin and softens your hands too. The tea tree oil present in this cream acts as a natural antiviral and antibacterial agent. The formula is also infused with cinnamon, lemon, tulsi, eucalyptus, neem, and rosemary oils, all of which are great skin saviours and aid in nourishing and boosting health.

St Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand And Nail Cream


A deeply moisturising and nourishing hand and nail cream, the formula of this product instantly moisturises dry skin and softens it. The vitamin C present in the formula is stable and really effective, especially when it comes to protecting the skin and shielding it against harsh environmental conditions. Formulated with olive and jojoba oils, and cocoa and shea butter, it helps improve skin health by maintaining your skin’s natural moisture and making it soft and supple. Loaded with vitamins C, B3, and E, this hand cream is the ultimate go-to for dry skin.


Rs 319


Buy here


Organic Harvest Plum Hand Cream


Loaded with antioxidants, this hand cream is formulated with multi-functional cupuacu butter, an ingredient that strengthens your skin barrier and prevents further damage. It leaves your hands soft and moisturised, while nourishing and protecting it like never before. The fruity plum fragrance is an added benefit that leaves your hands feeling fresh smelling.


Rs 245


Buy here


Organic Harvest Hand Cream - Lemon


A citrus and lemon fragranced hand cream that nourishes and sanitises the hands at the same time. The formula also aids in improving the skin barrier, and prevents further damage from occuring. Say hello to soft and moisturised hands and cuticles with this cool and citrusy hand cream.


Rs 184


Buy here


Organic Harvest Hand Cream - Cranberry


Pamper, moisturise, and sanitise your hands with a certified organic hand cream that leaves you with a fresh and fruity cranberry fragrance. It is light-weight, non-greasy in texture, and is high in antioxidants too! Soft and moisturised hands are just a hand cream away.


Rs 245


Buy here




Does Hand Cream Help Dry Skin?


Yes, hand cream is a must for dry skin as it nourishes and moisturises the hands. A good hand cream also helps smooth cracks, leaving skin soft.


How Do You Treat Extremely Dry Hands?


Extremely dry hands require a whole lot of care and a cream that has a heavy formula. Wear gloves whenever you can to lock in the moisture and avoid direct sun exposure. When out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen on your hands. 


What Does Hand Cream Do To The Hand?


Hand creams help soften, nourish, moisturise, and keep your hands protected from environmental factors that cause them to get dry and dehydrated. A good hand cream will instantly make your hands feel softer and smoother, and will replenish lost moisture.


What's Best For Extremely Dry Skin?


Going for a hand cream that has ingredients which pull moisture into the skin, while locking it in are best for dry skin. They don’t necessarily have to be heavy in texture, but need to intensely hydrate and moisturise parched skin.


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Dry skin on hands can be caused by multiple factors including overwashing, sun exposure, and even diet. When treating dry hands nourishment, hydration, and moisture is key. Swoop in hand creams for dry skin –– make sure to have one handy, so that you can top up through the day.


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