Hairstyles For Men

Who said hairstyles are only for women? There are several hairstyles that men can sport too, provided you know what they are and whether they’ll suit you. But worry not! We are here to make life easier and stylish for you. Here’s listing 7 hairstyles that’ll transform your look from simple to stud-like:

1. Man Bun: Man buns became an instant hit on the runway and have been trending ever since. To create a perfect Man Bun, pull your hair back from the forehead and tie them up exactly at the centre of your head. For a ruffled look, you can leave out some hair on the sides. Remember, man buns are noticed only when pulled off effortlessly. If you’re confident enough, go for it!



2. Undercut: Men who have a lot of volume can probably go for an undercut. The simplest way to describe an undercut look would be short sides and long top. The best part about an undercut style is that the texture of your hair doesn’t matter here. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, there exists an undercut style for your hair type.



3. Pompadour: Those who have a broad forehead often opt for a pompadour. Tightly held down sides with large volume on the top that recedes as you move towards the back of your head, is what best describes a pompadour. The tightly held-down sides are mostly slicked-back or faded, depending on what suits your face. The pomp, that is, the middle section, is crafted to have volume. Once again, those who can pull off a pompadour with elan should go for this kind of a look.



4. Side Part: A side part is a classic hairstyle and one that never goes out of trend. It’s an old-fashioned and clean haircut that gives a very slick and neat look. A side part has a tight hold on every strand of hair on your head. It’s a perfect style for a business professional.



5. Top-Knot: Topknots are not just for women. Even men can flaunt topknots if capable of pulling it off. A top-knot is a mixture of undercut and man bun. Men with long hair should definitely try top-knots. Complement it with your uber casual avatar and you’re sure to make jaws drop.



6. Fade: A fade style is usually for men with shorter hair. A faded hairstyle is one where the hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible. Off late, men have started sporting a faded cut with almost any length of hair on top. And this style is quite popular.



7. Short Back and Sides: Not many opt for this hairstyle. But if you are someone who loves experimenting with your hair then it could be an ideal choice. With short back and sides and a large volume on top, this style sweeps over the head and slowly tapers to a tip at the front. Pull it off with confidence and you’re definitely going to make heads turn!



If you think any of these hairstyles are for you, call MyGlamm and have our experts style your hair like never before.


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