Hair Terms That Every Girl Who Loves Her Hair Should Know

It’s always a tough task to speak the hair language that your hairstylist speaks. To make it understandable and easier for you and to help you pass the correct message across to your stylist, below are hair terms that you ought to know if you are someone who gives your hair top priority.

1. Layers: All haircuts fall under 3 categories, layered, one-length or a combination of both. Layers in the hair help lessen the volume of your hair, whereas, one-length cuts help add weight. So, the next time you mention “layers” to your stylist, you know exactly how specific to be.


2. Overdirecting: If you’re looking for a messy haircut, then “overdirecting” is the term you need to know for your hairstylist to understand exactly what you want. Overdirecting is a technique of cutting hair, wherein, your hair is lifted and cut over the head to add weight and volume. By the end, you’ll be left with tons of exaggerated layers.


3. Wedge Haircut: Instead of giving out too much explanation to your stylist, here’s a term that might make work easier for you. A wedge haircut is something you might want if you wish to experiment with your hair. This cut can turn out to be super cool and sassy. A wedge haircut is where your hair at the nape of the neck is cut the shortest, with layers radiating out as they reach the crown of the head. And the ends of your hair are cut at multiple angles to enhance volume.


4. Choppy: If you’re looking for texture in your hair, then consider going for a choppy look. A choppy look is a haircut with short layers, typically for those with bobs or shoulder-length styles.

Choppy Haircut


5. Gamine: Gamine is a French word which means ‘playful’ and is a perfectly suitable term to describe the boyishly short and cool hairstyle. Gamine also includes the super chic pixie cut, which involves trimmed sides and back and long layers on top.



6. Cutting Line: Ever wondered how stylists determine the angle of a particular haircut? The answer is “cutting line”. This is a line that stylists determine for a hairstyle, and its angle corresponds with how close or far apart the layers will look. For example, when a hair artist wants to create a layered look, he/she will use a vertical cutting line.

Cutting Line


Sport a cool new haircut this summer and flaunt your locks like never before!


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