8 Hair Masks For Frizzy Hair That Will Solve All Your Mane Worries!


If your locks are always fuzzy and frizzed out, you’re probably looking for a saviour product to tame that mane. Look no further than hair masks for frizzy hair because these deep conditioning products are all about turning up that moisture to eliminate the frizz. Be it dry damaged waves or unruly curls, this list of the best hair masks for frizzy hair will sort out your hair concerns, no sweat.


Best Hair Masks For Frizzy Hair Available In India

Indulging in a hair mask for frizzy hair will transform your locks to silky smooth goodness. Masks for dry hair are best applied 30 minutes before a hair wash so that the conditioning formula works on the locks for longer. Check out these best hair masks for frizzy hair.


MyGlamm Superfoods Cacao, Coconut & Coffee Hair Spa Mask

The creamiest mask treatment for dry and frizzy hair, this product is super moisturising and a treat to indulge in. The coconut and coffee rich formula deeply moisturises the hair while the aroma leaves you dreaming of a cup of joe. It is ultra hydrating and a good hair mask for curly hair.


Price: Rs 360

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MyGlamm Superfoods Mangosteen & Avocado Hair Mask

A repairing mask for dry hair that is damaged and lacklustre, the avocado rich formula offers essential nourishment and moisture to the hair while the mangosteen extracts strengthen strands. It’s perfect to be used directly after a shampoo as a conditioning treatment as well.


Price: Rs 375

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Red Onion Hair Mask

This mask will invigorate your scalp and strengthen and smoothen your hair. Yes, this mask can be applied to the scalp as well as it helps with hair growth and reducing hair fall. Infused with red onion oil, argan oil, methi, calendula, rosehip oil, and witch hazel, the hair mask cares for your mane from root to tip. Massage it onto your scalp and lengths after shampoo and rinse with water. This hair mask for frizzy hair also keeps hair growth in check.


Price: Rs 699

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Australian Tea Tree Hair Mask

Another scalp care hair mask for frizzy hair types is this anti dandruff one that is oh so good. It banishes flakiness and dry scalp condition in order to relieve your hair from dandruff. The invigorating formula also keeps your hair nourished throughout the treatment.


Price: Rs 699

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Go Anti Frizz Hair Mask

This anti frizz hair mask has really got the formula right. It banishes frizz and leaves your hair feeling soft, silky, and smooth after every use. It’s like a natural keratin treatment for your locks which literally enhances the structure of your hair to be smoother and silkier. It contains coconut, keratin, shea butter, amongst other plant-based oils and extracts.


Price: Rs 450

Buy here


Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask

This hair strengthening and frizz defying mask is perfect for a therapeutic cleanse. It works from root to tip to strengthen and repair damage while the creamy formula moisturises and adds shine to the mane. It is a perfect conditioning hair repair mask that needs to be applied after shampoo and then rinsed out after a few minutes.


Price: Rs 439

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Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Mask

Frizz stands no chance against this hair mask for frizzy hair. The pro keratin formula literally smoothens hair with every use and banishes frizz for good. Regular use of this mask will result in frizz-free locks that are shiny and voluminous. The argan oil infused formula also nourishes hair with essential nutrients for even better results.


Price: Rs 549

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Go Anti Hair Fall Hair Mask

This hair mask is all about strengthening each strand so as to prevent breakage. It offers deep nourishment with its plant-based extracts and natural oils like blackseed, jojoba, and coconut. The moisturising formula also makes frizz a thing of the past as it softens and adds shine to the mane.


Price: Rs 599

Buy here

These hair masks for frizzy hair will make all your hair goals come true. Take your pick according to your hair type and concern and you will enjoy a lustrous looking mane. 



Are Hair Masks Good For Frizzy Hair?

Yes, they are. Hair masks work as deep conditioning treatments to smoothen and soften strands therefore eliminating frizz.

How Can I Reduce Frizz In My Hair?

You can indulge in a hair mask once a week  and also try hot oil massages once a month. Hair serums and smoothening spa treatments also help with banishing frizz.

Can Hair Masks Damage Hair?

No, they are formulated specifically to repair damaged hair and not cause damage.


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