Hair Grooming Tips For Men!

1. Shape Your Moustache And Beard: There’s no harm in growing your beard, but ensure that you take utmost care of it to make it look drool worthy. Give it the shape you’d like to see yourself in and trim it regularly for a sharp look because messy beards can be a major turn off. A weekly trim won’t be too much of a task and if you think it is, then simply dial 1800 103 1516 and our artist will come at your doorstep to give your beard a perfect shape.



2. Trim Your Eyebrows Once A Month: No, you don’t need tweezers for that. Just take a pair of scissors and trim them once a month. Ensure they don’t look too bushy and are well-separated.



3. Invest In A Nose Hair Trimmer: One of the most important grooming tips for men is to banish nose hair. Because your nose hair is not very attractive. And you don’t want people’s focus to move from your smile to your nose. Therefore, get rid of it as soon as you spot one. Invest in a nose hair trimmer and you’ll go back to looking your attractive self.



4. Get Rid Of Your Ear Hair: As men tend to grow older, they are more prone to growing hair in odd places, like ears. Since ear hair is difficult to spot, keep a constant check before anybody else points it out. A nose trimmer can work wonders to trim ear hair as well. Check both the inside and outside of your ears, ensuring that you don’t dig too much into the ears.



5. Neaten Up That Neckline: Did you know? Your neck hair grows as fast as your beard. Therefore, make it a point to keep a check on your neck hair. We suggest, get a weekly trim in order to neaten up the neckline. What you can also do is shave it like you shave your beard. Shave from the bottom of your hair to underneath your collar for a neat look.



6. Find A Grooming Routine: A general grooming rule is to trim your beard and moustache twice a week, nose, ears and back of your neck weekly and eyebrows once or twice a month. Follow this routine to enhance your personality.



To make your everyday style look smooth and your personality charming, follow these 6 tips religiously!


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