Hair Brushes And How To Use Them The Right Way!

We all have a dozen hair brushes on our dressing table. But are we using each brush correctly? Not sure? We’ll take you through the different types of hair brushes and how they should be ideally used.

While some brushes are made for thin hair, others may work best on thick hair. Well, if you don’t use these hair brushes in the right manner, then there are chances that you are needlessly pulling hair out of your head. So, here’s a hair brush guide for you to have a stronger hair game each time you step out of your house:

1. Paddle Brush: A square paddle brush is mainly used to detangle and remove knots in the hair. With a paddle hair brush, you can easily achieve straight styles. If you want to keep your hair sleek, clean and tamed all the time, then we suggest carry a paddle brush with you wherever you go.




2. Vented Brush: If blow-drying is taking up a lot of your time, then a vented brush works like a magic tool. It not only detangles your hair, but also, shortens the time one usually takes for a blow dry. Also, a vented hair brush will add volume and give your hair a bouncy look worth flaunting.




3. Round Brush: By using a round brush, you can get a wavy, bouncy finish to your blow-dry. Ensure that you lift the sections of your hair as you blow-dry to give it the volume you want. Round brushes are preferably used to give soft curls and to define hairstyles.



4. Bristle Brush: A bristle hair brush is a must-have in your styling kit. This type of a brush works as an all-rounder. You can make your hair look wavy and bouncy as well as achieve basic hairstyles. The bristle brush gently massages the scalp, increases blood flow and unclogs the hair follicles.



5. Mixed Bristle Brush: Having problems managing thick hair? We’ve got a solution for you. Brush your hair regularly using a mixed bristle brush. Apart from holding your hair in a particular style, the mixed bristle brush also helps in keeping your hair’s natural oils evenly distributed.



6. Parting Comb: A parting comb, also known as a rat tail comb, helps in achieving complicated styles with a breeze. If you are finding difficulty in parting your hair straight, then use a parting comb. You can also easily pull back or pull out your hair minutely with the comb’s unique feature. A parting comb also helps in back combing. When you want to achieve a fuller look, a rat tail comb comes to your rescue.



7. Wide Tooth Comb: Wide tooth combs are a saviour for girls with curly hair. However, these combs are suitable for all hair textures and lengths including thick, straight and long hair. If you want to keep your tresses shiny and healthy, a wide tooth comb helps. This type of a comb also helps in detangling wet or dry hair.



So now you know what hair brush to buy for your style. Happy Styling!


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