Grooming & Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind During Coronavirus Outbreak


With the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, right now the best thing you can do is isolate yourself. A lot of people are also making a few lifestyle changes like having frequent hot showers, washing their hands regularly and isolating themselves in hopes to not contract this virus. Adding to this, our grooming and beauty routines are equally important to help protect ourselves from being infected by COVID-19. Here are a few extra measures you can take to stay safe.

1)  Always Carry A Hand Sanitizer

While some of us have been carrying around hand sanitizers even before the coronavirus outbreak, now more than ever, it is important that everyone has a sanitizer in their bag. One of the most important hand sanitizer benefits is that it comes in handy when there isn’t any soap and water available. Hand sanitizers with a high alcohol percentage (over 70%) help kill germs and bacteria while defeating any infectious agents on your hands.

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2)  Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Everyone should be practising this regardless if there’s a virus outbreak. Dirty makeup brushes are a breathing ground for germs and bacteria. You should wash your makeup brushes every week to avoid getting any infections.

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3) Don’t Dip Your Fingers in Your Creams

Using your fingers to scoop up creams is common but with our given situation, it’s best to use anything other than your fingers. Using your fingers will contaminate the cream making it a breeding ground for germs. If you’re left wondering how to get the moisturizer out of the jar, you can use a spatula to scoop the cream out.

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4)  Don’t Share Your Makeup

This is another point we can’t stress enough. Avoid sharing your makeup in general with anyone as it can lead to infections. You might not want to seem rude when your friend forgets her eyeliner and asks for yours, but you could be putting your health at risk by letting her use it. The sharing is caring rule never applies to makeup.

5)  Avoid Makeup Testers

If you’re planning on going to the store to try on lipsticks or any other face makeup, DON’T! Now’s not the time to do so. Imagine if sharing your makeup with friends can be unhealthy, do you really want to know what makeup testers, that a number of random strangers have tried, can do to you? Now is not the time for the free makeup testers as coronavirus continues to spread. 

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6)  Clean Your Nails

The act of cleaning under your nails is grooming 101 yet there are many who fail to practice it. While washing your hands regularly will help keep you from getting infected, you also need to keep in mind that germs collect under your nails as well. So, make sure you thoroughly scrub under your nails as well or opt for shorter nails until this is all under control.

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