Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Glossy Lips Are Back In Trend And Here's Everything To Know About It


The obsession with matte lipsticks may be coming to an end as a new trend is gaining the favour of more and more women. Staying consistent with the more natural makeup look, glossy lips are taking over the rich matte lips we have seen so much of in the past year.  With high-shine lacquered lips officially back on the beauty radar, get ready to relive your school days.

Lip glosses are the shiny obsessions of makeup lovers and it's a throwback to the good ol' days. The formulas have come a long way since the 80s and the 90s and today they are nothing like their older cousins which were thick, sticky, hard to apply, and glittery in a not-so-good way. They gained a bad rep back then and we all have avoided the gloss since then. But the brands today are paying extra attention to the formula and application. The modern-day lip gloss is non-sticky, applies evenly, and even nourishes the lips. They come in colorless formulas to apply as lip toppers and even in all sorts of colours to wear just as. They help enhance the shape of the lips making them look luscious and pout-ready.

Glossy lips are stealing the show because they go well with all skin tones. They even come with glitter and sparkles making them ideal for parties and weddings. The glass-like, super hydrating formulas provide an inviting sheen to the lips that gives a fresh spin to your look. They can easily be adapted in all kinds of looks, be it formal, casual, or occasional. Your lips look pouty and soft without looking overly done. It’s also easy to carry so don’t be surprised to see lips slick with gloss all around you.

If you are still scared by your high school experience, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some ways and tips to wear glossy lips.

Use petroleum jelly
Yes, you can start with something as simple as petroleum jelly. Just layer the lips with Vaseline or any petroleum jelly. Do not use too much of the product, simply dab the lips lightly using a finger.

Use a tinted lip balm
Tinted lip balms can easily work as a gloss. Just swipe on some on your pout and you are good to go. Get your hands on tinted and fruit-fragranced LIT pH Lip Balms. The hydrating lip balms react to your pH levels and deliver a sheer wash of custom colour that’s absolutely unique to you.

Go sheer
Glossy lips can be sheer or tinted, that’s the beauty of it. Just wear a sheer lip gloss for a subtle, glossy look. Add a few coats of mascara on your eyes for a simple day look.

Pair with bold eyes
Glossy lips can easily be paired with any makeup. Try pairing bold eyes with a simple glossed-up pout for an eye-catching contrast. You can also match the lids and lips by going glossy in both places.

Glitter it up
Glam up your look in a jiffy with a glitter lip gloss. Or simply dab on loose glitter over the gloss. The gloss will also act as a base for glitter to stick on. Gloss up your pout with the Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipgloss. They come in five colours and are polychromatic, that means with every move you make, the colour turns a shade.

Here's how you can pair glittering glossy lips with bold candy eyes


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