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Makeup trends come and go, but ever wondered and how they began in the first place? Well, most of the looks common today originated in one specific country before it went viral. Makeup is a universal language for women--what is considered as a customary look in one country, with the help of social media, has the power to turn into a worldwide beauty trend. And we've seen this happen time and time again. From contouring made famous by Kim K in the US to the 'no-makeup' makeup look started by the French, we’ve compiled a list of the most beloved makeup looks from across the globe that has changed the way we perceive beauty. Some of these looks are edgy and help us get out of our comfort zone, while others show us that minimal makeup can also be empowering.   


USA: Contouring and Heavy Eyeshadow

Beauty trends keep changing in the US. Whether it’s bringing something back from the past like '80s makeup or taking us to the future with Space-Age makeup, there's always something for everyone. But in the past few years, contouring and face sculpting gained popularity, all thanks to the Kardashians.

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Because of Kim K, today every second person in the US and across the globe sports a perfectly contoured face. Americans also love making a dramatic statement with their eyes. Eyeshadows in vibrant colours, metallic and glittery shades play an important role in their makeup routine along with voluminous lashes.

UK: Highlighter and Bronzer

While the US is all about heavy makeup and contouring, people across the pond are fond of their highlighters. They love enhancing their beauty with bronzers as well as getting that lit-from-within glow by highlighting the high points of their face.

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India: Kajal-lined Eyes and Brown Lipstick Shades

Kajal is a must in every Indian woman’s makeup drawer. It’s not uncommon to see women defining their eyes with black kajal on their lower and upper lash lines. When it comes to their lips, for a very long time, they stuck to hues of brown, mauve and other darker tones. But today, urban Indian women are embracing brighter shades like reds, pinks and corals.

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Japan: Dollface

J-beauty is all about taking the minimalistic route. While Japanese women have always leaned towards clean beauty and the less is more approach, blush is that one makeup product which is a must-have for everyone. Thanks to the Harajuku community, achieving a doll-like complexion is still the most sought-after beauty trend and now it's gained attraction in other countries as well.

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South Korea: Coloured Eyeliners 

Currently, people all over the world are obsessed with South Korean beauty and fashion so, their makeup trends come as no surprise. In this country, it’s all about small cherry lips, straight eyebrows, porcelain skin, bright blush and coloured eyeliners. 

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France: Au Naturale Makeup

If you ever wondered how did the minimal makeup look come about, well, here's your answer. French women are all about flaunting their natural beauty. They love taking the ‘no-makeup’ makeup route and are the OG propagators of #iwokeuplikethis. In France, this look is known as ‘Jolie Laide’ which means “unconventional beauty.” A bit of primer and concealer is enough to make them feel confident in their own skin.

PC: @bettyautier

Brazil: Bold Lips and Eyes

Brazilian beauty is all about looking sexy. Women in this country don’t follow the ‘pick one feature’ theory. They love highlighting their eyes and lips with bold colours. Bright matte lipstick shades are one of the most in-demand lipstick shades here.

PC: @camilacoelho

Which trend do you fancy the most?

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