Bling It On With These 5 Quick And Easy Gold Nail Art Designs


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There’s something about gold nail art that is very alluring. It’s one of those colours that stands out and can go from being over-the-top glam, subdued and subtle. Plus, it pretty much complements any other nail colour out there. While gold nail designs often have a reputation for  being the party favourite, it shouldn’t stop you from wearing it across the seasons. It all depends on how you style it! Scroll down to see the best gold nail art designs you can sport for your next manicure. One thing is for sure, they will dazzle away- whether you choose to go full-on bling or opt for something that is more simple!


Gold Nail Art Designs


The saying everything you touch becomes gold stands true for when you’re sporting gold nail art. From glitter to foil, geometrics to solids, here’s all the inspiration you need for your next manicure!

Geometric Love

geometric love gold nail art

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This minimalistic manicure combines a subtle base with gold nail art to break the monotony. You can even opt for nail polish that contains a whole lot of glitter in it too! Scroll down to see how you can achieve this manicure easily.


How To Create It:


Step 1 - White Out


After you apply a base coat nail polish to prep your nails, make sure you add 2 coats of solid white nail paint. This will set the base for all your nails.

A milky white shade that leaves your digits with a tropical hue. It has a hi-shine gel finish, with a non-toxic formula. The pigment is so intense that just a single stroke is enough to give you the complete hue. Plus it’s quick drying and will set in just 70 seconds.

Step 2 - Go For Gold


Using a gold glittery nail polish that has a clear formula, apply it on your pinky and thumb. Use the same nail paint to create geometric shapes on the other nails, excluding the ring finger.

A classic shimmery beige shade that stuns from the first go! It has an intense colour with a high shine gloss. It glides on smoothly, which allows control for easy application. The formula is long-lasting and quick drying too! It has Gloss Seal’r patented technology that leaves your digits with an instant gloss.

Step 3 - Add The Foil


Add a sticky gold foil on your index and middle finger, in the same shape.

Fine Floral

Fine Floral gold nail art design

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A classic gold nail art design that suits people of all ages! This look upgrades a classic golden manicure with a hint of floral design.


Step 1 - Apply A Base Coat

Prep your nails with a base coat, so that the colour applies evenly and remains chip free.

This transparent base coat always has your back! It allows you to sport a fresh manicure and gives you a flawless texture. It has an ulta long-lasting formula that has a super solid colour payoff.

Step 2 - Add some gold


Apply a golden nail polish on all your nails. Let it dry and apply another coat, for a more intense colour.

A golden honey metallic hue that is a great party go-to. The formula has an intense colour with a high shine gloss. It glides on easily and the formula is long-lasting and quick-drying.

With a white nail lacquer, draw on some flowers on your ring finger.

Metallic Wonder

Metallic Wonder gold nail art idea

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Give your French mani a bit of an upgrade. Pair another metallic shade with your gold nail art design. Keep the rest of your base neutral and you’re set to go!


How To Create It:


Step 1 - Add The Gold


Apply the gold nail polish to the tips of your nails, as you would a normal French manicure.

Step 2 - Hues Of Blue


Apply a shade of metallic blue at an angle on the tip of your nails. Mix it up by changing the angles for each of the nails.

Glitter Ombre

Glitter Ombre

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This glitter ombre is a perfect gold nail art design for when you want to dip your fingers in some shimmer, but not overdo it.


How To Create It:


Step 1 - Apply A Cream Base


Go for a pastel shade of cream or beige for the base of your nails. Apply 2 to 3 coats so that hue is solid and strong. Let it dry.

A nude beige shade, this high shine, gel finish nail polish has an intense pigment. With a single-stroke application, you will find your digits covered for days.

Step 2 - Add The Gold


Instead of applying it directly from the bottle, brush it on to a sponge and dab the formula on your nails. Dab it towards the cuticle rather than the tip of the nails. Let it dry.

A textured sand matte finish nail paint in a golden peach sorbet shade that’ll last for days. The formula dries quickly and is chip-resistant. It also applies super easily- 3 strokes are all it takes to get an intense pigment.

Gold Touch

Gold Touch nail art

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This gold nail art design is a party favourite. Go with a shimmery or metallic maroon red nail polish, paired with some golden glitter.


How To Create It:


Step 1 - Apply The Red


Apply 2 coats of shimmery red or maroon nail polish! Using a fine brush, apply a little gold glitter on the part of the nail closer to the cuticle.

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