Not A Fan Of Elaborate Eyeshadow Looks? Try The Glossy Eyelids Trend


When it comes to eye makeup, there are two kinds of people--ones who love an elaborate eyeshadow look, and others who skip it altogether. If blending different shades from an eyeshadow palette seem too time-consuming for you, you're going to love the glossy eyelids trend.

Best presented by metallic finishes and vibrant hues, this look can be pulled off easily--eyeshadow rookies, we're looking at you. While the eye makeup trend has been around for a while, it is slowly but steadily making a comeback on Instagram. Beauty influencers and celebrities alike have been seen sporting the makeup trend, and with it, glossy lids have been on every beauty enthusiast's radar. If you've been meaning to try it out at home, here's how the distinctive and bold glossy eyelids can be emulated.

Link: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/61/68/1a/61681a43831638f1f1377e730245bffe.jpg

Use Vaseline
Start with Vaseline, which you will be able to find easily. After applying a subtle shade of eyeshadow, think pink, coral or brown, dab the lids lightly with Vaseline using one finger.

Use lip gloss or tinted lip balm
Chances are you will have lip gloss in your beauty arsenal somewhere, so put it to good use! ICYMI, lip gloss and tinted lip balms can make handy glossy eyeshadows as well. Just swipe some of it on your eyes and you are good to go.

Skip the colour
Glossy lids need not be tinted for the gloss itself lends a gorgeous appeal. Simply wear Vaseline or sheer lip gloss over your eyelids for a subtle look of the trend. Add a few coats of mascara and you will be ready!

Link: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/46/bb/c6/46bbc6888ff0ca2a00a36666e151b309.jpg

Pair with bold lips
The glossy lid trend can be paired with both glossy or matte lips, depending on your liking. If you are going for a subtle makeup look for the eyes, opt for a bold lip to create a scene-stealing contrast or vice-versa. For those who like to go all out, matching the lids with your lip colour serves as a great option to experiment. 

Glitter it up
Glam up the look with glitter. Wear a shimmery eyeshadow before adding gloss to it or dab on loose glitter. Notably, the gloss also acts as a base for the glitzy material to stick on, giving you a head-turning look.

Link: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/6d/f6/91/6df691e6cbad7c8cbfbd9fe1d75d578e.jpg

Sharp eyeliner for the edge
For lending that extra edge to your makeup detail, wear a sharp cat eye with glossy lids. Create a cat-eye look, let it dry and add a hint of gloss on the lids.

Match it with a bold highlighter
If you are wearing plain glossy lids, match it with a bold highlighter to round off the look perfectly, using it on the high points of the face and blending it well into the skin. The luminous glow that you will achieve is bound to elevate the overall appeal!

All set to try out the ubiquitous Instagram trend? We know we are!


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