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Suman Kothari, better known by her Insta handle @thelifestylediaryy is a former event manager turned jewellery designer & blogger. In a span of 2 years, she’s managed to garner more than 44k followers. What started out as just a hobby has now turned into a full-time job for Suman and her pursuit of good relevant content for her Insta page and YouTube channel has turned her into a travel junkie.

We caught up with Suman to get all the scoop on her life before blogging, her blogging journey and what advice she has for someone who is just starting out. So, if you are looking to jump into the blogging field, you might want to give this a read!

Did you have any other job prior to being a blogger? If Yes, what was it?

Yes, I did. Before becoming a jewellery designer and blogger, I was an event manager. I did my event management course from EMDI but dropped out because I couldn’t handle my blog & events together!

Why did you initially decide to start blogging and why did you choose the beauty and women’s lifestyle space?

I never thought of becoming a blogger, it just started as it usually does for everyone else. I wanted to receive free gifts, free PR packages and maybe a little fame. But with time I understood that nothing comes for free, it’s just a myth. Blogging takes up all my time! Even on Sundays, you’ll find me working. I chose Lifestyle & Beauty because this is the basic thing every girl wants to learn and be good at.

Who taught you how to use makeup?

Honestly, I am still not a pro at it. I'm just trying to learn a bit from my peers and other YouTubers. Most of the time, I watch 10 videos & then end up trying a mix of them before taking a shower.

What has been your favourite part of being an influencer?

I always wanted to travel. So my favourite part of being a blogger & Youtuber is when I get to travel for work or shoots. To be honest, I have seen so much in Mumbai itself after becoming a blogger. From every lane to every cafe to hotels for location purposes, I probably wouldn’t have seen all of this if I hadn’t started blogging. Before becoming a blogger, when I used to travel anywhere, whether in India or abroad, I used to wake up at 10 AM just like any other tourist but now I wake up as early as 6 o’clock because I know it’s the only way I can get that one perfect click and in the process, I also get to see the best of nature’s beauty at that specific time minus the flock of tourists.

People seem to be intrigued by all the glitz and glam of an influencer’s life. What are some of the downsides that people don’t get to see?

There are a lot of things which seem perfect but aren’t! Since there is no fixed income, there are times when we are broke. Working every day of the week also starts to take a toll on you so there are times when we are emotionally and physically exhausted. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in your career?

Choosing to blog as a career is not easy; first, you won’t be stable monetarily and second, explaining such a career move to your parents is a nightmare.

How do you create a large social following while keeping it organic?

By working hard each day on your content and yourself. It took me almost 2 years to reach 44k! It’s totally normal for some people to grow really quick, while others take time. You just need to love what you do & people will naturally start loving it. I always make sure to put up at least one post daily and since it's mostly about random things in my life, I don't follow any specific theme.  

There are so many influencers out there, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out?

Believe in your content, not the numbers!! If you want to start blogging, don’t do it for those free gifts because trust me nothing comes for free. When you have to click 150 pictures for one single product & then try & review the product to your audience in all possible ways, you will realize that blogging isn’t what you really think. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, creativity, day & night of preparing & executing content!! Also, to the ones who are still trying to grow in this field, I would suggest one thing - be consistent if you don't want to lose your audience.

Do you remember your first makeup product?

Yes, it was kajal!! Even today I can’t step out of my house without applying a bit of kajal.

Are there any trends you’re particularly inspired by this season?

Yes, I’m currently obsessed with glitter eyes and abstract makeup.

What is in your travel beauty bag?

Lipstick, kajal, wet wipes are all I need while travelling. Kajal opens up my eyes and makes me look awake. With lipstick, I can use it not only on my lips but also as an eyeshadow as well as a blush. As for wet wipes, well, I don’t think I need to tell you why… it really comes in handy when you get sweaty or dirty while travelling!!

Do you have any embarrassing makeup story?

Once, I completely forgot I wasn’t wearing a waterproof mascara & cried for some reason and I started rubbing my eyes. This led to the mascara spreading across my face & since nobody had the guts to tell me, I ended up looking like an idiot, I walked around with black colour smeared all over my face. After that day, I have always made sure to wear waterproof mascara.

Which is your favorite MyGlamm product you can’t live without?

I love eyeliners and can’t leave the house without it so obviously MyGlamm’s Stay Defined 2 in 1 Waterproof Matte Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder is that one product I absolutely can’t do without!

What is that one thing you love about MyGlamm makeup?

Because I travel a lot, I love the fact that they are compact and travel-friendly. The idea of including 3 products in one like the Total Makeover FF Cream saves up on so much of space and reduces the hassle of making sure you got all the products in your makeup bag. 


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