Fuse Me Together

Color fusion is our take on the perfect duo lip look. This multifunctional, lipstick and lipgloss duo is all you’ll need from day to night. Their diverse colors and look will give you the perfect pout for any occasion. The lip gloss and lipstick on their own are both vibrant, stand out colors, but when combined they create an entirely new hue.

Here’s how you can use this product:

  1. Lipstick

The Lipstick has a creamy finish for a comfortable feel all day. It’s formulated with argan oil which moisturizes and nourishes your lips for a healthy smile. We absolutely adore the vast range of creamy lipsticks, all of which are staple statement colors. The creamy formula allows  you to opt for a lighter application as it spreads easily, so you can go either go bold with a opaque coverage or simply get hint of the color by dabbing the lipstick on and spreading it across.

Several of the peachy, pink or red toned lipsticks are perfect for on the go makeup! Simply dab the lipstick onto your cheeks using your fingers for a luminescent au natural rosy glow on clean skin or even on top of your foundation.

  1. Lip Gloss

The Lip gloss may be our favorite product for a full pout. This product not only adds dimension, sheen, and draws attention to your luscious lips, but it also has a plumping agent that makes your pout even more prominent. The plumping agent creates a minty tingling sensation leaving you with a fuller pout.

If you want to add some extra sheen to your eyelids, you can pat some of the gloss on your lids with a brush. Personally we adore this glossy lid look, but it probably won’t last all day so test it out before wearing it all day.

  1. Combined  

Since the lipstick and lip gloss shade are completely different from one another, they individually are wonderful to use, but using them together is magical. When you mix the two shades together they create an entirely new colour!

So you can start off your day with a neutral pinky mauve lipstick and for your after work dinner date you can simply add on your orange gloss, smack your lips together, and be left with a plump glossy purple toned lip look!


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