Full face makeup tips for beginners


If you are here, you have already been ushered into the wonderful world of makeup. Whether you are a dedicated makeup enthusiast, or you are just starting out with makeup, it can be a little tricky. And if you are a makeup beginner, we do not blame you if you are overwhelmed at times; we all are with so many products and techniques coming out every other day. There’s no harm in having a few tricks up your sleeve so you can make the most of your makeup. If you are new into the world of makeup, worry not, we’ve got your back! Just keep these simple tips on top of your mind when you’re doing your makeup, and you will go straight from being a novice to a Pro. 

Prep Before Doing The Base:
CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) is important before applying any kind of makeup product on your skin. Start by cleansing the skin followed by application of toner to wipe off any oil and impurities that is left behind. Toner is especially good if you have oily skin. By doing this, you will not just have your makeup stand out, but it will also give your face the much-needed natural glow. Moisturising is the next significant step.

Moisturise Your Skin To Avoid Patchy Makeup:
You don’t realise but the dry patches on your skin has become more evident if you apply foundation without the moisturiser. It is more prominent around the nose and lips. Therefore, applying moisturiser before you begin working on the base will keep the skin hydrated and prevent makeup from getting cakey.

Colour Correct Your Dark Circles:
Dark circles can totally ruin a look, and so hiding them is important. Apply orange corrector on the area under eye area followed by foundation. If you want to brighten up certain areas, which are the darkest, apply yellow corrector and set with translucent powder.  Your dar circles are gone, and your skin looks fresh and natural. MyGlamm's Total Makeover FF Cream comes with orange and yellow correctors along with concealer cum foundation cum compact to make your base regimen easier.

Next Use A Tinted Primer:
Using tinted primer gives a smooth appearance to the skin as it fills in the pores. MyGlamm’s Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser blurs out the imperfections while filing in the pores making the skin look ultra-smooth. Dot it with your fingers on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then blend with your fingers or use a foundation brush, whatever is comfortable, working the spots outwards from the centre in all directions. It will also give you a teeny amount of coverage as its lightly tinted.

Set The Concealer With Fixing Powder:
Fixing powder or translucent powder will help settle your base that includes, primer, colour corrector and/ or. Use a fluffy powder brush or a velvet-y puff. However, if you are using a powder brush, don’t forget to tap off the excess powder before applying it on your face in circular motions. MyGlamm’s Glow To Glamour fixing powder is colourless and glides on the skin giving it a silky texture. Use the powder to keep your skin oil and shine free.

Prime The Eyelids:
Use eye primer on the eyelids before applying any eye makeup. It acts as a base and allows makeup to stay on the eyes for longer. Using eye primer will also prevent makeup from creasing and settling into the folds on the eyelids.

Apply Eyeshadow Of Your Choice:
A neutral shade of eyeshadow works best for beginners as brighter colours need a lot of blending. Practise is the key to wearing eyeshadow. Use either the All Eye Need Blending Brush or your fingers to blend in the eyeshadow, working your way up to the crease and then slowly, the brow bone. If you’re using a brush, just tap it lightly to remove any excess.

Next Comes Eyeliner:
Once you nail the shadow, move on to the eyeliner. You can wear the eyeliner without the eyeshadow too. Let’s be honest here. Perfecting eyeliner takes time, therefore, take it slow. If you are not steady with your hands, and want to go for the fancy winged liner, the Wheelie Precision Eyelienr is your best bet. It comes with a rotating disc wand which glides on the skin to give skip-free, straight line in one stroke. Don’t expect you eyeliner to look absolutely flawless in the first go.

Curl Your Lashes:
It’s time to whip out the torture device! Just kidding! The eyelash curler will give you luscious, curking lashes that open up the eyes even without trying. Always curl your lashes before wearing mascara. Place the curler at the base of your upper eyelashes and press it for five seconds. Be very gentle while doing this and do not tug on the lids. Repeat a few times and your lashes will be bestowed with the kind of drama you need in your makeup.

Use Volumising Mascara:
After you curl your lashes, add mascara to both your upper as well as lower lashes with the tip of your mascara wand. One coat should suffice as daily wear. If you want a fuller look, then add a one or two more coats. MyGlamm’s Threesome Mascara lengthens, curls and volumizes all at once. Apply in wiggling motions starting at the bottom of the lashes and move up. Do not forget to get the extra product out of the wand before application to avoid clumps.

Use Blush To Add A Flush Of Colour:
While doing your makeup, never miss out on blush. A blush mimics the natural flush on your cheeks, thus, completing your look. An easy trick is to start will a teeny amount of product to avoid looking like a circus clown. Take blush on fluffy brush and tap out the extra. Suck in your cheeks and apply blush in swirling motions on the hollows of the cheeks, all the way upwards towards your temples. A little goes a long way so refrain from adding more colour. Now see the magic your smile works on others.

If you are a blush beginner, find out how to choose the right blush for yourself.

Finishing The Look With Lipstick Or Gloss:

Now we get to the fun part, the lips! No look is complete without lip makeup. When it comes to lipstick, you have quite a choice of colours and textures. Go for matte, semi matte or hi shine lipstick or swipe on gloss. You can also apply lip tint or stain if you wish to go light. Before applying anything, ensure that your lips are exfoliated and flake free. Dry lips are the major cause of skin peels. Wearing lipstick without exfoliation can make it bleed, feather and look unsightly. Use Scrubilicious Lip Scrub to gently scrub your lips before applying any colour on the lips.

And voila!


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