Follow These 4 Tricks To Grow Your Lashes

Long lashes instantly take your beauty quotient a notch higher. They make your eyes look big, beautiful and attractive. But most of us face thin lash and scanty growth problems. Also, the reasons for our lashes to fall out very easily are, one, because at times, we don’t remove our eye makeup at the end of the day. The mascara and kajal that we wear on our eyes, tend to weaken our lashes. And two, because we rub our eyes too roughly. Here are a few home-made remedies to grow your lashes:

Brush Your Lashes: One technique of growing your eye lashes is by brushing them. Brushing will help you get rid of dirt that is stuck on your lashes. Rub some petroleum jelly on a clean mascara brush and comb your lashes. Practice this twice daily for better and faster results.


Apply Castor Oil or Olive Oil: Castor oil promotes hair growth. Since it is high in Vitamin E and proteins, it is extremely helpful and can work wonders. Olive oil is a natural remedy for thicker hair growth. This oil helps in nourishing and adding volume to your eye lashes.


Eyelid Massage Is Beneficial: Eyelid massage too helps in the growth of lashes. Take some castor/olive oil or petroleum jelly and apply on your lashes. Use your fingertips to massage extremely gently along the eyelid and lash line in circular motion. If you practice this for 5-8 minutes every day, few months down the line, you will see the desired results.


Aloe Vera Is A Natural Remedy For Growing Lashes: Aloe Vera can help in the growth as well as thickening of eye lashes. Apply some aloe vera gel at night before going to bed. Leave it overnight and rinse it with warm water the next morning. Continue this for several months and you won’t be disappointed.


Because a girl is incomplete without her lashes, we suggest, you try out one or any of the above techniques for better eyelash growth and thickness.

And remember, No Rubbing and No leaving makeup on overnight.


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