Bloom Baby Bloom: Floral Nail Art Ideas That'll Look Super Cute In The Spring


With flowers blooming everywhere, the spring season sure puts us into a certain mood. It’s time to leave behind the winter gloom and step into spring and to go with the beautiful nature around you, here are some floral nail art designs. Yes, they're cute, they're trendy and the easiest way to flaunt your love for the blossoms. Not convinced? Here’s your inspo to embrace the flower-power.

Clear, glossy nails with a splash of spring blossoms are so lovely! Colours like lavender, yellow, petal pink and inky blue are just right for summers.
Try Wanderlust Nail Paint in Provence

Multicoloured matte nails with one floral-accented nail. Chic and fabulous.

We are already a fan of sky blue. It represents the clear blue summer skies and the cooling waters we all love so much.
Try LIT Nail Enamel in Bad Romance

What better way to embrace the tropical vibes than the pretty pink flamingoes? We'll take 10!
Try Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer in Blonde Muse

The magic of pastels and matte. Subtle and sophisticated!
Try Wanderlust Nail Paint in Queen of the Night

Mood: A jungle vacay somewhere in the tropics. Coral is the colour of the year and we love the way it has been used with green to bring the fowers to life.
Try LIT Nail Enamel in Loud Mouth

Wear a riot of colours in the sweltering season. Turquoise, sea green and magenta, are all among the top picks for the summer season.
Try Manish Malhotra Nail Enamel in Opulent Ocean

Lemon yellow is refreshing and matches the summer mood. Tiny gold -accented flowers to go with it? Very very stylish, we say.
Try LIT Nail Enamel in No Chill

Can't get enough of the blues. 

Make your nails pop with bright colours like corals, pinks and yellow. Adding a dash of glitter adds the oomph.


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