5 Neat Contouring & Highlighting Tips To Get You Started

Burned the mid-night oil for work, grew a little too fond of the vino at dinner or watched 'The Punisher' till the very last episode? We're not judging (we've all been there) but merely sending out few easy contouring and highlighting tips your way to make life a little easier the next morning. 

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Let's face it, a lot of contouring and highlighting tutorials available on line are intimidating at best or downright terrifying at worst. It's one thing to see makeup savvy women wield brush and colour non-chalantly and achieve the desired result in a matter of minutes, no biggie. It's another to implement the same on your face. There's so much that can go wrong!

Here's the thing though- you don't have to use contour and highlight to change your entire appearance. By applying makeup products on specific points of your face, you can make your best features pop. Think of it as an art class and begin

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Start Small
You don't always have to contour your entire face. Pick a feature you want to show off- brows, lips, nose and begin. Beginning small will help build confidence and get you better acquainted with the play of light and shadow which is essentially what contouring is all about.

Wow with your brows
We told you we'd start you off easy. Apply face concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone in dots above and below the outer part of your brows. Pat with your ring finger gently until its blended. If you're getting ready for a night out, finish off with a dash of highlighter in the same spots.

Glow on the Go
If you're pulling all-nighters (we're not prying into your reasons) you'll thank us for this little number, that's a breeze to pull off. Apply spots of concealer above and below your eyebrows, on the sides of your nose, under-eye area, few dots on your chin and blend. 

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The Nose Job
Use your regular concealer to apply a thin line starting from the middle of your brows to almost the end of your nose. Pat and blend. Apply another dot on the tip of your nose, leaving a small section of skin between the line and the dot. Set it with some finishing powder and you're good to go!

Legs For Days
Ok...we can't promise legs for days ala Karlie Kloss, but this nifty little trick will get you one step closer to it. Take a pump or two of foundation, a shade darker than your regular, a little liquid bronzer and mix it with your body lotion. Almost immediately follow with a line of highlighter down the length of your shin and buff.

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